hello, i would like to know if i can have two profiles on my one PC? one for my wife and one for me? if so, how do i do it?


Thank you?

You can.

Add you wife’s account as a family or other account within Windows… She will have her own login for Windows and play RR2 within that account with her own queen.

Basically this setup is preferred even more so if you have kids and play RR2 on the family PC you manage as the parent.

Open Settings -> Accounts -> Family & other people.

Hope this gets you going. Make sure to read up a little beforehand on the types of accounts you can add in Windows. Also my advice is not to give administrative accounts if you manage a family PC. Not even to your wife but I know this will be a conversation you will have to win. So good luck with that

(Btw Wife can be best substituted with ‘partner’ in my response. For al I know this can be read by a husband and wife coupe but other couples are just as valid. Like  husband and husband or wife and wife couples.) 


NOTE: Having multiple accounts on one 'family’PC might trigger a limit in RR2 advertisement system in relation to Video Ads not being given out I said limit is breached.