Kings Court1 is Recruiting!

Kings Court1

Level 35

Gold Bonus ~39%


  • Alliance tower should be atleast Level 9(150k Donation)
  • Atleast 1000 attack.
  • Active player, willing to make daily donations and contribute to daily battles during war seasons.
  • Can understand and speak English. (we need to be able to communicate w/ you)
  • Fairly active in chat.

Elite Boosts: 

  • Blazing Knight
  • Power Archers
  • Tough Barricade
  • Stunning Ogre
  • Storm Cannon
  • Surprise Mummy

We prolong war boosts : Frenzy Frost Blaster, Doom Gate, Surprise Mummy occasionally. 

War Rules:

  • Must contribute atleast 3,000 skulls per tile.
  • 2 consecutive days of no participation without any reason = kick. 

Apply in game or comment here.



2 slots remaining. Comment fast!






Level 36. 2 slots open

Insta archer will be prolonged during war, 1 slot open