King's health & the use of Guradian

I think this one needs to be worked on for sure.

So we use guardian when they are needed, that is when we need their ability then we use them  and  secondly we use them when you are about to die and then use RoyalGuardian.

When not attacked, King heals himself till he is fully healed, just by standing.

I think when using the Guardian, King sits on them, so he must Heal more efficiently but he doesn’t even a bit.

That all my problem because sometimes I have very low health and then I use guardian to tackle everything. After Guardian vanishes, King is in same health and then suddenly I die if I’m there still in fight.

Now don’t say “you can go near your troops or away from fight zone”.

1.  So not faster but please make King(while on Guardian) to Heal himself at slowly but steady rate so that everything works smooth.

2.  I would like to see that with Guardian, King can cover more distance, like Donkey is fast, but others are slow so those guardians should cover more distance one steps than Donkey.


Thank you.


I disagree with this. If the king would regenerate while riding the guardian, then offense would be too OP. The point of the Guardian is to take hitpoints for your king and to deal extra damage (or a speed guardian like Donkey). Without the guardian the king would die in that situation. I think we should be thankful to have the guardians to protect us. There’s no need for a regeneration add. A better solution would be to attack with monks and go back to them to heal, or just stay with your troops and don’t lose all your health

@AwesomestKnightest I already did mention that don’t say to go back to troops.

I meant to give a little more health when king is at end line of death.

First off, I know you said that, I intentionally added that part, cause if someone did say that, they’d be exactly right. Going back to your troops or staying away from a hot zone is the correct thing to do when you have low health

What does this second part even mean? When you’re close to the end of the line, head back to your troops and let them heal you or protect your from oncoming damage! It’s that simple! All you have to do is bring in Monks, or if you don’t want that, bring in a Heal or Shield spell (preferably Shield with both shielding and heal forged on). That’s what I do and it works for me!


  1. In my opinion, the hero should renew his hp without specials (no heal, no aura) when sitting on the animal … that is only a bit

  2. some guardians are extremly slow, maybe they change it but donkey and sled are ok?

I think you don’t understand that gardians are already op, your litteraly are invincible for a few sec on the mount thats huge! Gardians should not be further buffed!

Please don’t buff guardians any further.

Thanks to the donkey, some enemy defenses just feel like a walk in the park.

Invencibility is too OP and should not be taken lightly :grinning:

ok a example … you have 20 % HP

 … in 10s without guard you got 23% HP …

now: … 20% after guard use … and

when when you in front and it disappear then you will be toasted by necros … now -> you you wish the 3% more HP ?

the second reason is that is not logical to stop the kings regenerate ?

This is exactly why you keep an eye on how much time is left on the donkey! I always will head back to my troops when I don’t have much time left on it and when I have low health. It’s not smart to go way ahead of your troops and not go back

i use sled  :rolleyes: slowdown is working better for me

If you want your King to heal when sitting on a Guardian, then you need to equip a heal ring or use a PAL that provides healing.

The answer to your issue is right here, your Guardian is used when your King is low in health.  Before Guardians were introduced, would you run headfirst into the enemy or fight zone if the King was low in health? Probably not.

Giving king more health when near death? Then the king will never die since each time death is near, more health is added.

Want more health? Switch your equipment to have slightly more King health. Using a Guardian only as a last resort when near death? Use the Guardian earlier or heal the King prior to Guardian use.  They are many more ways to tackle the issue you are having than to add a healing buff to Guardians.

The beauty of the game is all about using different combinations of equipment, troops, spells, PAL and Guardian to defeat your enemy. For each advantage you gain with a particular unit/item/perk/spell, there is a corresponding weakness. As a player, you need to find that balance.