Kings of no mercy is recruting

I create this guild for people who like to fight in war. If you are a fighter you are welcome. Ask me for joining in at (Kings of no mercy) or search my king’s name (Ayoye) to postulate.


Hi all,

here some more info about my aliance:

Alliance Name: Kings of no mercy

Alliance Level:   Presently, we are at the beginning, my alliance is at level 8 but it will grow fast

I start this alliance because I was discouraged to loose war and see KING that didn’t go fight for the alliance and to get extra bonus and boosts. 

I’m looking for real king’s that will make a minimum of 3 fight per war and donate to the alliance to make it grow. The most valiant fighter will be promoted.

Requirements to join:

  • Minimum donation of 50k
  • We recruit people only over 2,000 trophies
  • Hero level 65 - 70 and up
  • Participate in war


  • Our best fighter will be promoted,
  • We give boost regularly,
  • We give “champions” or “shields” to members


  • After 3 warning you will be expelled
  • You must be active


Our motto is : fight or die

Hope to see you soon!


If you re best fighter is general, how do you promote him / her ?


Micky ‘give me mercy’

Do you want to be promote to chief? My general can use champion feature in war and take decision in war. Choose battle in war , invite new people, etc

Join us and make the difference

Come visit us, we need your in battle!

End of war is near… come visit us at the end of the war!

We are now at level 10 and still growing. Like I send, this is a young alliance and we want you in. 

Come in and have fun fighting with us

We Also talk french 

Join us, need few w fighter to war


Time to joining in, new war season is coming! 

We still have room for good fighter. If you have more than 2000 trophy you can apply. We have a good team of fighter. Come visit us and make a request to join.

Se nées YouTube in

We need you in 

hi do you want to merge 

i will send you a friend request in game to speak to you about merging