Kings to avoid!!!

Hey guys.


I’m starting this thread because me and my alliance members are so dissapointed with some players who jumps during the war.

We were winning and because of this ‘jumper’ we lost the battle that we can easily win.

We never force them to do the impossible. Only 10 battles each front during the war and to donate daily. Nothing more.

I don’t mind losing to a better alliances but to lose like this is really breaking all the hearts of our alliances’ member.


So I’m listing the name of the Kings for all the other alliances to take note.


  1. Maerique



and other kings who I can’t remembered the name.


Anyone please feel free to add name of other jumpers.


Thank you.


You should make a thread called ‘Generals To Avoid’ while your at it.


I see Generals keep players that loose more skulls than they can earn, while ordering everyone to grind to compinsate for there own lasyness.

What an Insane consept!


Another kind of General to run for your life from is the ‘mr nice guy’ type.

Reminding kings to pay there donations ever so polite like there running a petting zoo for fluffy bunnys. not worriors.

It only takes one raid to make 500k. 3 mins of work a day! when somebody dont pay they telling the whole alliance with there actions :F-YOU! your boosts arnt worth 3 mins of my time. And when the general fails to act with a swift kick to such a player, he says a big F-YOU every good member. as you are not worth the one second of the lazy Generals time to kick and resolute the problem.


Generals to be avoided are all over the map and should be outed as traitors too.


Happy Hunting!

I don’t know if this is the right way of cooling your temper. You nail those players to the ground and I guess that’s not the way to do it. There are always two sides of the story.


I agree that leaving in the middle of the war is not done. You are really hurting the alliance from who you profited, so the least thing you can do is help your team untill the end of the season. and don’t forget to explain the team why you leave. It’s not easy to give an explanation, but at least it takes gutts to do so.


Realise that most alliances have experiences with players suddenly leaving the alliance. Even a rule to prevent players leaving teams during war seasons wouldn’t help, players could just stop helping you or even open their base.


More interesting would be if there was some kind of tracking status of a players history. Before you accept a member, you could check his reputation. If we can detect that a player left alliances several times during a war season, for me that would be a definitely ‘NO’.  Even stats of how many times a player is kicked out from a team would provide great info. Being kicked once wouldn’t bother me as a leader, but when a player is kicked often, he could be selfish and a troublemaker. There are several interesting stats, but I just wanted to give an example.


But it’s up to flares if they decide to give us such a list.

now you thinking, Dena!


I had an awesome general once that tracked all members donation and war habbits on a spreadsheet.

then ranked them and seeked a conversation w the bad eggs.

perhaps overkill but you could feel comfotable there knowing the person marching you into battle was doing his job correct.

leaving you free to your job. kill kill kill


Hey Dena4,


Thank you for your opinion.

This is not a call to ban this jumpers.

More like a note to other alliances to consider if such player is worth the risk.

Like you said, some kind of tracking status.

That tracking status would be nice, but it’s up to flare. So I guess it will not be implemented, since players already asked for it.

BURGER KING!! Much rather have Mc Donalds or Jack in the crack.

  1. Marique


  3. samy.bol


The list goes on…

@koko guess you feel the same about burger king

I cant believe you guys forgot about me :stuck_out_tongue:

^I wonder why you are petitioning Flare to bring back player name changes :confused:

the idiots I have to deal with -_-

Wow. This list is a bad idea.  :angry:

I think i’m going to close this topic before rolling out an infinite war among players. If you have problems, do it outside. The reason is that this is a game…you can’t fight for a game, especially for things like this where being a leader i would check out other hundreds of players really loyal and active that are looking for an alliance, instead of losing time on complaining on a group of players which jump here and there.

Probably a better solution for everyone could be: add a “History Alliances” in the player profile, so you see the date and also what are the most recently alliances he/she joined within some few days. And for this there is the Suggestion & Improvements Topic.