The some of the people I talked to said they were tech support. I had no way of verifying that.

As for information I didn’t give in the other thread I did give to Flare.

Maybe I should post my social security and bank account numbers.

I had my identity stolen.

Giving out any information to any unverified person is out of the question

Esp on an open forum.

All that was asked was a ticket no. and you’re In-Game Name, right. :grinning:

If you raise a ticket with the correct department and probably verify with Administrators or Moderators on the forum, this shouldn’t have been a problem.

Are you looking for help or you want to still vent ? We tried to offer you some help in the previous thread. You did contact wrong people, no idea how or why you did it. You did not contact support team and only support team can help you with your issue. We explained who you need to contact, whether you do it or not is up to you.

If you still don’t need any help and still want to just vent, you should vent about yourself because it was you who didn’t contact proper people and it was you who was replying to emails automatically generated that no one will ever read anyway.

Also, if you start a new thread, please put a proper name “KK Star” has nothing to do with your post. If you are willing to contact KK Star specifically you can PM him.

I didn’t think the information on the label of a blood pressure prescription bottle would be enough to hack everything and steal my identity. 

I just don’t want to be blamed. I would have been done if someone hadn’t flexed intolerance.

Mag, the people I contacted presented themselves as the people I needed. As the proper peopled and you say.

I, on the other end of a phone line have to accept that.

I used to just throw my prescription bottles in the trash.

Now I burn them

And encourage others to do so

I don’t know what phone number you got and don’t even think FG has phone line for tech/support help for players :wink:

Ok, look, bye

Sorry to rain on a game y’all obviously love and have never had an issue with

Mag, I got several pieces of paper with at least a dozen phone numbers on them. I didn’t label them as I called them as soon as i got them…

Posting them would be pointless now

Plus they’re mixed in with MS store and CC numbers.

Anyway, please note for the future that whenever you have any issue with the game, the only proper way to contact support team and get any help from them is through this link: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

@UberBiff Are you drunk?

Feel better Ding, or perhaps clever?


Edit: Any way to find out because I think Ding liked her own post.

Edit 2 well, well, well, it’s gone now.

Pretty sure I got the initial number from the MS store then the a person a couple cycles in would go, *you have to call this number* they can help you. And the cycle would repeat until my phone died. Every 3rd or 4th person I talked to would pass the buck upwards and give me a new number.


I will use your link from now on though, thanks

Sorry to mention names, apparently that’s a no no on this forum, but also according to someone *I’m Drunk*

I would like to thank all who have tried to help me or offer advice

but I’m coming off a horrible experience where no one would help me

And I was upset. I was literally shaking during my first few posts

I didn’t count but I bet I spoke to 30 people. At least.

And every one of them passed me on to some one *who could help*

Or worse a computer.

Each time I had to give them my sensitive information and explain the whole thing all over

Maybe vent was the wrong word

But I did believe people should know

And I did need some kind of release


To file a ticket to flaregames support

  1. Visit this link: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  2. Input your email address, subject, descriptions (more detail more better).
  3. Choose the game (in this case it is Royal Revolt 2)
  4. Input your In Game Userame (your Royal Revolt 2 ign)
  5. Choose your Issue
  6. Mark the checklist box if you wanna report some crash issue
  7. Choose your Platform and input your device model/series
  8. Add file attachment that you have to support your problem (screen capture picture or document or anything)
  9. Verify you’re a human then click submit.
  10. You’ll get an email respond from them (just wait if they haven’t send it to you because they have a lot of ticket coming everyday)
  11. After that you will continue your conversation with flaregames support via email, provide all what they ask from you for them to solve your problem faster.

Good Luck!