Kleine Rä​​​​​​​uber - Lvl 45 Alli - Phoebe Beast - Must Play Events - 150k min donation

Kleine R** ä **uber  - Level 45 Alliance - English/German - 150k min donation - lvl 65 required


► Level 1 Phoebe beast (15/50 to lvl 2)

  • _ Many other level 3-4 non-Pro beasts _

_ ► Boosts _

  • At least level 1 for each weeks’ pro boost (lvl 3 archer all the time)
  • _ Archer 5 and Cannon 4 Elite boosts all the time, others during war/conquest _
  • _ War boosts  _
  • _ Conquest boosts  _

_ ► Active players only _

  • We are ALL active, and we want other people who are too!
  • 150k minimum daily donation
  • Participation in all events (pro optional, but 10+ do it every week)
  • No gem spend requirements
  • King level 65 minimum

► Active Discord server

  • _ This is a friendly alliance with lots of people willing to help and chat both in-game and through Discord.  Most chat is in English, but many members are bilingual**. We’re competitive and try to win every event, but everyone has a real life too :-)**_

_ ► Seasoned Explorer’s Conquest Tier _

  • _ Won our last Conquest in Novice Explorers with 459 pts, top 25 _
  • _ Most players have lvl 4+ stronghold buildings _
  • _ Alliance Headquarters and all buildings, lvl 6, saving up for 7 currently _
  • I am happy to explain every little detail of Conquest to anyone who wants to understand the event better.  We also have some tutorial videos to explain some of the strategy.

If you can’t find the Alliance name in-game, just search for Entropy42 in the player list, we’re usually set to Open between events.

Only a day left to join before conquest!

Still looking for more, come check us out!

Just won our last conquest and moved up a tier, still looking for active players.

We are on Seasoned explorers in conquest.  Only 4 places remaining. Join us!!!

Gearing up for another conquest in Seasoned Explorers and looking for a few more active players.