knight:before and after update

shyong, on 27 Feb 2015 - 05:46 AM, said:snapback.png

Watching the videos on the old elite boost knights it seems like they were actually glitched to do way more damage than they were suppose to do. Look at the boost on stats 130% in fire damage… meaning they should in theory kill 2.5 times faster on average not 15x stronger than they are actually killing in the video number 1. Looking at video number 2 it looks like the brokenness of the elite boost is fixed and now they are only minimally better than they were non elite boosted, about that 2.5 stronger that they are suppose to be.


Elite boost barricade has what 20k life right? 200% weak to fire damage so each attack from elite boosted knights should be doing about 900 fire damage and about 200 normal damage meaning total of 1100 per hit on a barricade. Meaning it needs about 20 total hits to kill and in the second video you have 2 of them there attacking it and it dies in about 8 hits each which is roughly right on damage wise, In the 1st video that same barricade dies in 3 hits each. Meaning each hit from them would be doing 3300 damage or so each hit which is way to high compared to their actual stats boost.


No way you come out of the damage formula can you get 3300 damage with attack value of 550. Even if all of that damage was fire based at 200% increase it would only be 1650 damage per hit. Not all of the knights damage is fire base tho.


Sadly I think you guys got use to a glitch that boosted knights attack power dramatically that was not intended at all.

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