Knightfall: A Tale of a Fallen King (Mini Fanfiction)

So, This is just a small Fanfiction I thought of writing today    ._.

And Idk what the name of the girl in Royal Revolt 2 is, so her name is Fub.



Jk, her name is Felisha.


This tale begins in a powerful kingdom. This kingdom has rose up to be the greatest of all, and lead an Alliance that is feared across all lands. Rumor has it that the Alliance beheads the king of what kingdom they had conquered. The people of that kingdom would be thrown into the wild with no food, nor water. Now, the powerful kingdom was in war…


"RAAAH!" A Paladin had pounded a froster to the floor and finished it. Explosions can be heard all over the place due to the many skull towers in the area. “FIRE THE CANNONS AT THE SKULLERS!” A Paladin had scream out. But, then he noticed something hiding behind trees, it was an enchanted firebolt tower. “Oh crap, FIR-ARAAHH!” The Paladin was killed by the firebolt tower immediately. The other Paladins look at what happened, then one by one each of the paladins were being killed by the enchanted firebolt tower. A paladin managed to escape and went back to the tent where the king was sitting down drinking tea. “My lord, there’s a firebolt tower, and it’s enchanted! Many of us are being killed!” The king takes a sip of his tea, then throws the cup at the paladin. “Give me my crown…” The paladin looks around and finally sees the crown, resting on top of a small round table. The paladin runs up to it and grabs it. As soon as he lift it up, he felt something rush threw out his entire body. He felt, stronger, faster… angrier. The king turns around. He has a scar going across his right cheek, with pitch black hair and bold, blue eyes. “Give me that crown before you go crazy with power.” The king takes the crown away and puts it in. He starts walking towards the exit of the tent. The paladin looks at the king leaving. “Are you sure you’re going to be able to deal with that firebolt?!” “Hehehe, I’m always sure.” The king takes out his sword out of thin air, makes sense since he was raised by wizards. Everyone questions it, but they never truly think in depth about it. The king looks at the remaining Canons and Paladin and shouts, “Round up the canons, circle around me, and the paladins stay behind. MOVE!” The troops all do their commands, and then the king starts moving forward. “Now, where’s this firebolt?!” Then, the canons start getting shot at by the firebolt. Then, a wave of Knights, Pyromancers, and Ogres start attacking on the small army. “Shit, SHIT, SHIIIIITT!!!” The king gets out of the circle and starts running to the ogres. He runs up to one and jumps, letting his right foot land on the belly of the ogre, then using that to push himself up to jump into the air. The king, high up in the air takes his sword, and faces it downwards towards the ogre’s head. “RAAAAAA!!!” The King smites the ogre, shoving his sword threw his skull, down his throat. The Paladins just watch, then start charging to help out their king! The two armies start fighting, but the king takes out a scroll. The enemy army just looks at the king, and then they see what scroll it is. A Pyromancer speaks out, “It’s… It’s The Armageddon scroll, he has one!” The Knights kneel to the king in fear, knowing that that scroll could, and will instantly destroy the kingdom in seconds. So, the king and his army surrender to actually give the civilians of the kingdom a chance to live. “You all have chosen Wisely.” The king has a glimpse into the future and looks at the treasure the enemy kingdom has. There’s nothing. The king goes back to the present and focuses on the king. “But, you and this kingdom have no use to me.” The enemy king takes out his sword and starts running towards the king as he took out the Armageddon scroll. The king used it before he was striked by the other king.





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This story is great, I love it!  :wink:  

Wow! Bravo @A4awesome1234, incredible story

I remember I have time to lose lol. I have did the same. Just i need to find it somewhere. find it


Worth 1000 gems. Loved it ?