Knights of the Round - Alliance lvl 16 - English - All Welcome!

Hello, just looking for some folks to join my alliance and help take it to the next level - literally!

I donate 250k a day, and will be happy to add boosts on request.

All levels welcome, just looking to have fun (this is a game, after all!)

so… lonely…


So I have sent a ton of in game invites, and posted here, all to no avail. I haven’t gotten a single new recruit.

I took a break for a few months, and so most members in my alliance are now inactive. Should I boot them all to make the alliance small, but active? What can a struggling alliance do to recruit new members? Should I just give up and join another alliance? Kind of hate to lose the 14M I’ve already contributed.

We are level 17 now, and have a new member! Things are starting to look up!


Level 18 reached! We got second place in the last war season. Please join us!

If u get tired and want in on an up in come active group… Come to Merika Strong

Thanks, but have already donated a ton to my alliance, so want to make it work. :slight_smile:


Ok, after inviting over 100 people randomly in game (mostly those in weak/inactive alliances, or not in an alliance), we are down to 5 members. Should I throw in the towel? Feels like a shame to disband a level 18 alliance though :’(

Hi JD check out Great Lakes Alliance if you decide to relocate.  Knights, archers, barricades, and cannon all 24/7, plus war boosts.  Good group of guys.  Message me for an invite or apply.