Knights or Paladins?

I’m pretty new to the game (1500 trophies) and I’ve been using Paladins from day one as Knights seem so weak. I’ve recently found this forum and everyone seems to be in love with Knights. Is this because the knight is so cheap and can be the focus of tower / troop damage?

When fully upgraded, do Knights outclass Paladins?

Also on D, most spells 1 hit Knights at my level. The defensive aspect also seems to suggest that Knight is no good at the early levels because of this.

I’d love to hear some good offensive / defensive recommendation for my level. Hopefully something that would carry on to the mid and high lvl game.

It’s certainly true that at low-level gameplay paladins are much better than knights.

I would recommend you to use paladins and frosters (I believe that for now you only have 2 troop slots) until you get to a trophy rank of ~2500.

At that level I assume you would have unlocked Shield spell which goes great with knights because you can take less damage covering between them, as its easy to summon lots of them. I would advice you to use froster here too, because it is one of the best unboosted troops there is. It’s a good idea to keep upgrading knights, archers, and frosters because they will be usefull in almost all trophy ranges.

It’s a good idea to test lots of combinations in difficult bases of your alliance so you can beat different kind of bases. Besides that period of time is really interesting because you can use different troop and spell combinations…as you get ranked higher, the troops-spell “palette” becomes smaller and you will end up using one or two combinations.

Back then in summer 2014 when I started the game, I always preferred knights over paladins on offense, for knights are faster, cheaper and more flexible.

I also remember I wasn’t (and still am not) alone with that view, but I also remember that back then as well as recently, other people find paladins better for low lvl… so it also depends on your raiding style and preferences a bit.

Concerning higher lvls, boosted knight is still useful and versatile later on, boosted paladin has been useless for most time until recently.

Anyway, one thing to keep in mind is that every troop type improves by about 20% with every upgrade, so it makes a big difference how far your upgrades progress. Knights have the most upgrade levels of all the units, so they gain a huge lot of strength on their journey from 1 to max, paladins (and any other unit) have less upgrades than the knights, so for knights really upgrading them is the key to making them effective.

Woot ! Florian u back in forum? How bout game ? :stuck_out_tongue:

It depends on your skills and spells really…

If you have great skills, dishing spells where it fits, go back whenever there is trouble, great field sense… Go with paladins, coz they tank better, and your skills can cover their lack of offense.

otherwise, pick your enemies right and just spam the knight button away and brute force your way around.

I m in 3k+ rannge, and most times there r no paladins in offence or defense unless they r boosted. And even with holy paladin bases, boosted knights + shield are a good enough combo, generally with one mummy near enough to stun.

Paladins in late waves r utterly useless because of mummies, nd in initial waves they can be obliterated by sonic blast( though u have to be a little careful about not wasting it, so using it when troops r near towers).

Also, paladins are way too slow when compared to knights, which is major factor during raiding.

Though paladins probably destroy the castle gate the quickest except boosted gargoyals.

Boosted paladins can be a nightmare for your enemies on defense. On defense knights die too fast (although paired with boosted mummy is good). Boosted knight is better for offense because of the fire damage.

Back then, when I started RR2, I found the good old toxic cloud to be pretty effective at dissolving any paladin meat walls early in the game, and up to start of mid lvl gameplay. And at that point, you had on the one hand spells like sonic blast, or other spells at higher levels, to clear your way, and on the hand there were better tanks for defense anyway (read: monsters), plus more ranged-heavy wave compositions were more effective anyway, for most cases. 

Turbo Paladins. My nightmare in this war. Left Paladins a long time ago, and now every alliance is going to hv em in defense at my lvl at least.

Maxed out holy Paladins were enough trouble already, but now I m going to hv to eat my words!!

We will see in a couple of hours how tough they are in offense and defense and will see if there are weak/strong spots.