Knights who say Ni (Level 59 permanent boosts: Werewolves, Cannons, Archers, & Knights)

_ Knights who say Ni _


Alliance Level: 59

Permanent Elite Boosts: Raging Wolves , Storm Cannons , Blazing Knights , & Power Archers

War Season Boosts: + Stunning Ogres , Frost Traps , Tough Barricades , Ranged Bombers , Mad Monks , usually Tempest Towers , and whatever the seasonal boosts are…

Minimum Requirements: King Level: 75 & _Donation Level: 75_k gold

P.S. for the person who bitched, sometimes when we win a War Season and need to save gold we might let go of the Power Archers and rely on our Frenzy Frost Blasters until they run out.  If you have an issue with that, we don’t want you!

Honesty above all!

I like that  :slight_smile:

You should add “No bitching allowed” in your requirement. Some players have no idea what it is needed  to run an alliance.

It is the best policy.?