Knights who say Ni: Opening for New Knight! (Chill Alliance with Big Doaners, but we don't expect you to pay-to-play!)

Knights who say Ni

The Knights have an opening few a new Knight! 


We are a chill alliance:

We expect at least three raids every battle each war season (unless you give us a heads up that you’ll be unavailable).

We expect your regular daily donation (seeking members who donate $150K or more).

But we don’t expect you to pay-to-play.  This is not a high pressure alliance, we are playing to have fun!


If you are a lover of Monty Python, have a shrubbery, and want to kick some ass.  We want you!



Who are you ? I am Kausido :wink:

I am Maerique (same user name). 

I am going to private message you about joining so check your messages.