Knights Who Say Ni

One word: Petty

more than one word

Apparently one person is allowed to imbibe

this - person who continuously buys gems

lesson learned 

Why were they petty?

well any alliance that isn’t VL is petty and insignificant.

And if i am reading correctly, the person who buys gems is allowed to imbibe (drink alcohol) which makes sense if he has money to spend on gems he can probably afford alcohol.

You know what they say about opinions

I contributed in other ways

Ways that advanced the alliance


If you cant see it explaining it to you would be meaningless

It should be mentioned

They deleted over 25 pages

twenty five

But hey, they saved the inane ones

I figured out who it was

They’re overly proud of a sheaf of paper

they have to be at the gym in 26 minutes

Close to being the top dawg in the alliance

Not sure but I think they’re a user (as in uses people)

Ego off the scale

Well, They are named after a group of guys in the woods that request shrubbery and are terrified of the word “it”. So you made be right and alcohol could play a role.

Seems to have gotten lost in translation.


  1. I don’t Facebook which they are very aware of
  2. Which is probably why they chose it.

But hey, I’m not the person who ghosted someone.

To do otherwise would require facing someone.

It was 4 or 5 alliances that posted screenshots of your chat. As far as I remember Knights that say NI!! wasn’t a part of it.



It’s been over an hr Billiam

Still waiting for that link

And an explanation how 4 or 5 alliances get access to another alliance’s chat

Screenshot you say.

Well it’s good they have unalterable evidence


You will have to apply to Royal Revolt The biggest group to get access.


Not Nights Who Say Ni as you implied

your credibility is shot