KnightswhosayNi too

Looking for active players of all calibres to join a fresh new alliance of three experienced players who can help you through the game or just provide fun banter for older players to create a unique alliance with the main focus on fun, it’s a game, fun is a priority. All we ask is to take part daily (where possible), fight and chat (even a daily Ni ! will be accepted) and to keep your shrubbery’s in good order.

Ni is derived from the movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Knights Who Say Ni.

We are going places but we aren’t going to Camelot, it’s rather a silly place.

All welcome. All languages, you will not be ignored.



KnightswhosayNi too

uh-oh, copyright infringement of the Knights who say Ni alliance. @Maerique  :wink:


Don’t get me started!

Isn’t this a second alliance also for them?

At least I thought so.

_ Kngiht who say ni too _ are not affiliated with the real _ Nights who say Ni _!