Know chamber shielded b4 the fight!

How to know if the player shielded his/her gold chamber before the battle started? Any clues?


I think you can’t detect it. Shielded players won’t be offered by matchmaker I guess, so when reasoning the other way, a player offered by matchmaker isn’t shielded. A shielded player probably won’t give a lot of gold which is logical.

Flare isn’t nutts, otherwise it could be abused.

  • Use a shield
  • Collect a lot of gold.
  • Inform your members, temporary leave your team and disconnect
  • Let members raid you, you won’t lose a single coin. Only loss is trophies.

It doesn’t work that way. It works this way.

  • Use a shield
  • Collect a lot of gold.
  • Inform your members, temporary leave your team and disconnect
  • You won’t lose a single coin. Only loss is trophies.
  • Only difference this time in the real situation is that members and other raiders see a ridiculous low amount of gold, it’s literally flushing bread down the drain.
  • You are very unattractive to raid for gold.
  • Maybe for trophies or medals or for players who have a grudge on you you are still attractive, but for the gold searchers there are better targets.


This is not always the case. I know it, because i raid myself with my alts :grinning:

When you are shielded or you don’t have gold in your chamber (above the secured amount) and taverns,
an attacker will only get the “game generated loot”. This depends on various things. To make it short:
this can be 550k+ before gold boost. That does sound attractive to me :wink:  And to all others, that raid me
like crazy when i opened my base :slight_smile:

As an attacker, you only get this maximum of about 550k - 599k, when you haven’t raided for some hours,
your level is low compared to the attacked base and you can sucessfully raid it (normally, you can’t beat
such a stronger base, so it has to be open or unboosted for you to win). Lastly, the attacked (open) base
has to be open for not too long, because after hundreds and thousands of sucessful attacks Flare reduces
the maximum gold amount you can get.

The gold you can get from such a base diminishes fast, your 3 attacks give you roughly: 550k, 430k, 310k.
If you have a 2nd target (identical, “gold wise”), it goes on like this: 250k, 200k, 170k.
The 3 attacks on your first shielded target gave you about 1290k, after gold boost maybe 2.5m - 3m. I like
to attack myself for that, no matter if shielded or not :wink:

After 5 - 10 raids (on the attackers side, not the shielded target) you get those ridiculous low amounts that
you described. Then you should stop and wait for some hours again to let the game generated loot “refill”.


Thank you for both of your explanations, I do experienced what Mogor described. I thought it’s me, something wrong with my acc. Now it is confirm that Flare does give then reduce when you raid too many, or long hours of playing time. 

Regarding how much gold you can get from a player, I notice every time I get more workers, the gold I can get from any player is reduced significantly according how many workers I got at the time! This is not cool GF!!!

It’s like, oh I got too much gold now, maybe I should get more workers, when I get more workers the gold I can get is reduce. So maybe I should spend gems to buy gold? 

Is this how GF tricking players to spend gems?

One of my Alliance mates have the same issue somehow. He has 9 Workers and constantly sees less gold than anyone of us, eventhough he has less trophies and is lower leveled. There is often a massive difference of 200k to 300k.

He even contacted the support. The only thing they told him was to look forward to the next events… eventhough he asked them to check his account, if there were any problems.