Know How We Just Changed Donations? Keep Making Conquest Great

Please make the Conquest resource donations awesome by not losing those precious resources upon reaching 24 hours. Make it basically the same as the current donations.

Have the standard ‘donate when full’ going, but behind it have another stack going that you can either choose to donate now or finish filling up.

Essentially it would change conquest donations to a 2 day cycle, but you can only donate one day at a time (for free when full) and can donate partial of whatever next day you have early if you so choose. Does this make sense?

This would make players who are busy likely to spend or even purchase the fill up because they are already partly towards higher resources too, so it’s a good economic choice too, who wants to fill up or send early when they only just logged on and were busy for greater than the last 24 hours? Spending gems is probably the last thing on their mind, but if they already had some they wouldn’t mind chipping in some to help out.

Hopefully this sounds like a good idea/suggestion, because I think it would change the dynamic of donating resources to be more interesting and to waste less time/resources of players who get busy beyond 24 hrs and can feel helpful if they will remain busy and not have wasted their time or resources, and can gem the rest that wasn’t wasted.