Korea Knights - 58lvl / ranked 108


  1. Alliance name :  Korea Knights (  56 / 60 ) , built in Feb. 19th [9weeks has passed]

  - Internationl members, not only korean but from any other countries.

  1. Alliance Level : 58level  and we will go max. within June.

3.  Num. of fiefdoms : 38  [+3 more after this season, we are planning]

  1. Alliance Rank : 108[with 56 members]  -> normally, ranked 78 with 60members.


  1. If you meet the conditions as below, you can freely apply and can be with us.
  1. You should be loyal. We don’t like jumpers.

  2. 500K daily donation is essential.

  3. Upon joining our clan, please say hello first, if not, we kick you out right away.

  4. Complete raids in each war with the highest scores.

  5. If you can’t fight during the war, tell us in advance [quite necessary].


  1. Boosts
  • 24hours : Knights, arblaster, Ogre, Werewolf, barrigate

  • War boosts : if necessary, we activate them during the war

  • Winning boosts : arblaster, gargoyle tower, frostermancer ( planning to maintain if we can get)

  • Spike , Boomtower : Not quite needed but if we rank within 60, we will activate.