Krampuslauf 2019

Currently on RR2 is the Christmas Festival, we have already had the winter Festival, and one Yeti event, with a 2nd Yeti Event coming soon.

As a gamer I only recently discovered Royal Revolt 2. And as a Canadian who knows all about Christmas, I only in the last couple of days discovered

Krampus the Christmas Devil; Krampusnacht Krampus Night;  und Krampuslauf (Krampus Run) or Parade; anyhow I love that I discovered something new

for the Holiday Season, and I was wondering because FLAREGAMES/KEENFLARE (and Royal Revolt) are from Germany,

how many staff members of FLAREGAMES/KEENFLARE celebrate Krampus? Because if anyone does a RR2 Krampus festival

complete with Krampus armor set, pet PAL, and having a pack of Krampus’s as special units from an event would be Awesome!

AND IF you even consider this, cinematic vidoes NEED to be made to accompany anything Krampus. 

Good Idea.

Hi there :slight_smile:

Thanks for your idea. Krampus is not very common in our region.

Have a good day.