Kudos to the unappreciated dev

After conquest mode tragedy and the heavy atmosphere that settled in the forums, I felt we might lighten up a bit with a well deserved praise.

Through this topic, I wanna pay my humble tribute to that unknown, unappreciated dev.

I will explain.

I’m talking about that guy that exists in all organizations and goes unnoticed by top management. That guy that rises up and tries to do what’s right, when the bosses are hurrying him to deliver something bad or average quality.

That guy that has the [word removed - inappropriate] to say “This is gonna end up bad, I am against it”, putting his job on the line for the good of the deliverable, going against a boss (or bosses) that are either too short sighted and narrow minded, or focused on short term financial gains.

I write this to you, my brave friend. You are not alone. You were right from the beginning, and the world should know. You are the only one worthy of the Chief Dev Officer chair.

Thank you for fighting this silent battle, unnamed warrior. The cosmos and the players’ collective unconscious will always resonate in appreciation.

May you get that well deserved promotion.


This post made me cry. It’s just…such a beautifully written post 

Flare dont take this kind of guyz. They clear it well in advance during interview so there is no point posting here for that one guyz as Flare do not have one…  :grinning: