L Bases disappearing.


L Bases are reducing at the top. 

So what are the pros and cons & what is this base called?

Mini L from all directions.  :lol:

This Base called sucks)

Easy to beat. if u use some tips.

First time i saw it on Skint base.

And his path still best of them



The base is okey-ish.First used by Hello Korea members.The strength is corner gargs nest, cant hit with blizzard and the U turn if have strong LTs

But hard to tell if its better than L or not since offense strong now

There should be a warning for such kind of base like: hey that base works only if you use gargoyle nests and light towers boosted

So the effectiveness of this base is based on the gargoyle nests placed in the corners and with the Lightning Towers with enough range that can hit on the other side.

The picture below explains a bit how they are placed and how works a the system. You see only 5 Gargoyle Nests in the picture but you can put more of them to the right instead of skull towers. so total 10 gargoyle nests.


I still use the L base. Top players are using that kind of base because they have Gargoyle Nests and Lightning Towers to kill the enemies at the chockpoints.

Oh, now I get it. Thanks @Fii Nami and @oPelle for the detailed explanation. At my level, you need to keep unorthodox bases. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops. Double Post

No need cannons to beat this base;(

but i think need arbs in defence