l invite you all to a bench of applause for ALYSEA

Just that l invite you all to a bench of applause for ALYSEA .Because thanks to ALYSEA if have can have all its superb communications about our great game and also solidarity on the forum .

and sorry for my english .

I support this thread, she does a great job as community manager :slight_smile:  

more laughter


Alysea tries her best and works with he information she has. I dont think anyone other than the actual developers could do a better job. This doesnt make the situation any better though, it remains the biggest fuck up in RR2 history (and Flare had made a bunch…). So I support your statement Alysea is doing a good job, but Flare screwed up big time. I believe its developing 101 that you never start something brand new on a friday at 5pm lol

I am out of likes today, but I wish I could have one back for this. Regardless of what Flare did wrong. Hiring Alyssa was a smart move. I sure yesterday she wanted to call in sick:-)

Thanks guys, trying to keep my community updated as much as possible.

I would have felt bad to call in sick, as I prefer trying to give you the support I can, as small as it can be, rather than running away and leaving you in the dark :grinning:

The team deserves it as well, as they are working over the weekend to get the event running tomorrow… :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree with the above post.  But not last 2 lines yet  :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a very fine balance between lots of emotions, it depends on which side you are and what’s your POV about the subject.

player blaming FG with greed- FG STAYS TO SURVIVE


Will continue later…time to go.

She is doing a great job! 
And in case she is based in Germany, she is working outside the usual office time for us. WOW! THANKS!

Take care Alysea! There is even a rumour that there is a life outside Royal Revolt :wink:

ALYSEA u deserve to be promoted… FLARE must promote ALYSEA… ?

You are awesome… :wub:

yes allysea thanks a bunch for nothing


She’s he messenger. Don’t get mad at her. She’s not the one making the decision. Blame Flare, not her.

she chooses where she works…flare screws us always …she is flare…


Just goes to show this community knows not only fury but also love :slight_smile: great job Alysea :slight_smile: