La team FR3 requires active players

La team FR3 is looking for new players.

LANGUAGES: English and French preferably.



- at least 1500 trophies;

- minimum daily donation 150k , but we prefer that new players upgrade their alliance tower quickly to 500k and more;

- really active in war and ninjas.

ACTIVED (permanent) BOOSTS:

- tough barricade;

- blazing knight;

- storm cannon;

- stunning ogre;

- range bomber.


  • Tammy (level 2);

- Archimedes (level 2);

- Howl (level 2);

- Bucky (level 1).

For other questions or if you are interested, ask to leader mickael08 and to general THeo Le Boss de Babi.

Bump! There are 3 free places!

Level 42 reached during ninja event.

Level 43 reached during ninja event.

Level 44 reached before current war season.

Bump! There are 5 free places!