Lack of Pearls

So, did I miss some info about the current big cooldowns for next Conquest Mode (12 days), Alliance War (28) and Ninja event (35 days!!!)? 
I’m already very low on pearls and I see members in my alliance worried about this as well.

I know there’s a Blacksmith event about to happen, but I honestly don’t think that’s enough to replace those main sources of pearls for so long!

Well, you could also take place in Pro Leagues and earn crystals and chests that will get you tons of pearls. Oh, and btw, here’s the Announcement that Madlen made, telling the new time of the upcoming events

Hope this helps. For me, personally, I have 35k pearls, and that’s mainly just from Pro Chests, so I think, as of right now, participating in Pro Cups is your best shot for pearls

Thanks. I thought it was just showing wrong numbers in game but that post confims those big cooldowns are actually correct. Which confirms my concern about the lack of pearls.

Also, Alliance Wars, Ninja Event, and now the new Conquest Mode are main source of pearls for a lot of players because they are free to play, unlike Pro-League. So it’s not really a good solution, specially now that we can’t even donate tickets to help friends participate.

And maybe I’ve been wasting too many pearls then, cause I’ve been playing all Pro-Leagues for a while now, always ending at least on Top 50 and I only have ~10k pearls ?, and that disappears really fast cause some perks can take over 1k pearls just to be forged one time.

You should use those pearls to forge young man, not put them in a safe, without interest. Think on it, every time you forge, from that moment on, till the end of the game as long as you use it, may it be a spell, troop, defensive structure or even an item, you profit from that moment on. 

Only time you should save pearls, is when you can’t forge anything or when a thing you want to forge is almost out of it’s cool down. for example, when I forge my skull perks, I have 5k+ pearls in reserve to do so. In all other situations, I invest them. 

Now I am not the best pearl collector lately, only participate PL every now and then and don’t raid that much during recess. 

The running festival, combined with the blacksmith event, is also a good source of pearls. 

Plenty of gold to buy items at the granny shop and to melt… Unless you have a lot of towers to level up, of course. 

I’m never sure if it’s wise to forge right away. I suppose, it depends on the amount of pearls that you have availabele. Here’s a little “calculation”. I assume 20k pearls to forge everything without fail.

60k pearls two weeks in advance (no extra pearls in the mean time):

  • Option 1: Forge right away and do that in the following week again. Odds are around 30%. Hence, the cost is 20k+20k*0.7=34k pearls. You will be short 8k pearls for the second forge.
  • Option 2: Wait for BS event. Odds are around 40%. Hence, the cost is 20k+20k*0.6=32k pearls. You will be short 4k pearls for the second forge.

So, if BS event is longer than 24h and you only have 60k pearls, it’s better to wait for BS event. When you have lot’s of pearls (>200k), it’s better to forge in advance.

It’s not as good as Ninja event. We need to melt all Ubers first and we might have to speed it up with gems as well. So, there is no time for buying stuff at granny’s.

A ninja event is overdue. These toxic ninjas don’t even attack buildings. So, when you are farming 500 trophy players, you even need to concentrate to win 3 crowns.

Conquest Mode give huge pearls rewards. Not clue if its really related to Conquest however. I got two Blacksmith chest who give me 4,000 pearls when the Conquest was over.  

I gain 16 ubers and 9000 pearls as Ninja reward every 14 days. Additionally, there are a few war chests.

  • 9000 pearls reward
  • around 8000 pearls (16*500 but actually, it’s a little more) from Ninja Ubers
  • around 1000-1500 from War chests

So around 18k-20k pearls/14 days (5 days of war where you can fight whenever you want; 3 days for ninja but usually I’m done after 2 days without using any gems)

Here are the rewards from conquest:

  • 4000 pearls from Uber pearl chests
  • around 4000 pearls from golden Uber (5*4*200; 200 is a little high as average)

Around 8k pearls / 14 days (8 days fully occupied) for a lot more effort.

I don’t count any pearls from Pro League since these don’t change with conquest. That’s one of the reasons why we lack pearls.

Thanks for this explanation cay. Its obvious now players will have a lack of pearls for 1 month? Flare can you just advance the new Ninja Event to September 1st? Knowing you the new Ninja Event is ready but you make us wait for nothing. Release it please now. Thanks

@Dena4, yeah, I do use them for forging. All my stuff is on cooldown right now, so I can’t use them. Last week I had over 45k, so…yeah haha

The lack of pearls is real!!! I’ll have to pause my forging for a while ?

OK, Blacksmith event is actually great to earn pearls, IF you already had lots of uber/pro items to melt, otherwise I feel like it requires too much for a good result when you don’t have the items ready, or already melted all the ones you had.
Even when using lucky gear to find free items on Chamber of Fortune all the time, having to come back to the game every ~15 minutes just to refill the Blacksmith slots so we can take full advantage of the event’s potential is too much.

Plus, not everyone have all Blacksmith slots unlock to get 1 pearl every 4 seconds, and not everyone is currently able to watch video ads for free Blacksmith boost.

Please make Ninja Event occur more often!

The problem is the time only.

you dnt need the ubers.

just add in ur favorite 500 trothy players, and raid them nonstop with full of luck/bread gears.

you will get a lot of items, gold to forge nonstop. Ubers are useless here

ubers are still good source for melting, don’t wamna miss them as pearl income source

for keeping items it is really useless though

Yes it have save a lot of time- to buy the ubers

Hello dear

I personally do not think this is very important.  I think that all the developments are connected to each other. 

nothing is a coincidence.

This comment made me so confused ?. Sorry, but I just have no idea what you are talking about 


Hello @Darkerion

I did not write this comment for you. why are you hanging out? ?

??? ? Why did you quote me then???

@Darkerion, you’re right, we do need more chances for pearls. I’ve come to my senses ( ) and realized that not everyone can participate in the PL. The BS Event does get you a lot of pearls, but imho, you end up losing pearls after that event. We need to have the ninja event come around more often once we get past the upcoming ninja on the 28th of September