Ladies and Gentlemen: The Almighty Celestial Phoebe





<- Vanguard Legion’s Celestial Phoebe
Probably the strongest Celestial Phoebe in the game (?), I’m assuming it is since they are the #1 alliance.


 <- My archer, focused on range and hp, only x3 to increase damage ?



“Wow, Celestial Phoebe is so hard to deal with!”… Guys, it can die in 3 hits! ?

“Celestial Phoebe deletes my entire army before I can kill it!”… You only need 1 UNIT to kill the beast. ?


Celestial Phoebe is not the number 1 choice because it’s too strong, it’s the number 1 choice because the other beasts are not strong enough!
Out of all beasts we have in the game name the ones that can have a good performance at defending a base, aka the reason why they are in the game. 

If you’re gonna remove power from one of the only viable defensive beasts we have, at least add more power to the other beasts so they become usefull to their defensive function as well.

You are right. Phoebe isn’t the real problem.

Bases are strong because of the nerf of Raging Wolf, Ceres, Ogre and Blunt damage in offence.

They are strong because of the buffs in forging and the new tower levels and because of the new boosts, which are used in defence.

OF COURSE, I know Celestial Phoebe can be VERY powerful and destructive when you make mistakes and don’t deal with it the right way, but that’s how everything else works in the game! 
Skull towers will evaporate an army if you don’t have a solution to deal with them correctly, Lighting towers will keep your army stunned for ages,…

But when that happens, should you really blame the beast for your defeat? Or is it your fault for making mistakes that you shouldn’t when meeting a PRO-beast?

Bases are too strong now because of  stargazer boost. when war is over its fine again 

Yeah, stargazer is a real army killer. Holy Paladins are just awful though

I’m in love with this phoebe. ? I think it’s wonderful ? 

BTW, the combo in the video is NOT a recommendation! I feel like I have to say this ?

Archimedes + Stun spell were used only to separate the beast from the enemy waves, keeping the enemy army stunned in the back while I was showing my point of how easy it can be to deal with Celestial Phoebe when we use the right counters, even with only 1 single unit against the beast.

Hi, can you provide the stats for your hero and the level of the opponent? Cause it looked like an impressive movement speed.


Opponent is lvl 124. This were my stats for that video:

Thanks a lot, this shows one of the most important things when facing Phoebe: movement speed. You have 64.7%. You need to be able to get behind Phoebe to push it out of the heal circle, and that’s why speed is so important. That is also the reason why lower players have so much problem with Phoebe: they do not have the needed equipment. They can’t get behind Phoebe quick enough before it deals the Armageddons, once they are there, nothing of their army is left to kill Phoebe.

That’s the reason why I support the nerf in the lower levels, as the players don’t have the equipment to deal Phoebe. As someone else posted a few days ago: this is not a MOBA where you simple select a different hero with different abilities as they are not available to them. And also the proposal to test and find a new working combo is not of much help. To get the stuff to useful level you have to invest a lot of pearls/pal treats. That’s not a thing many players can do as they just don’t have the resources, not even speaking of the time it takes to pearl to the needed level. And before the luck had to be on your side to find the needed items in the chests …

But, don’t get me wrong: great skill showed, congratulations!

Yes, thank you for showing what we already know: Phoebe is a joke in defense and only low experienced players have problems against it (even if It’s a lvl3 or 4 Phoebe).


I really don’t understand how Flare is so so poor at balancing the game. It’s like they don’t actually play the game. 

You’re wrong. 

Speed is not more crucial against Phoebe than against any other beast. 


The important thing is not speed. You could do the same with 0% speed. 

The important thing it’s to keep pushing the beast around.

You shouldn’t stay still against beasts in general and you CAN’T stand still against Phoebe. 

It doesn’t mean Phoebe is stronger, it just means it is unique, just like Aki (you have to engage it before your army is close) , Kaiser (just heal/shield right after it’s special) or Archimedes (scream when near it) are unique as well. 

They’re unique and none of them are better than Howl. 


Btw, 65% speed is only 2 items. Even lower players have access to 50% speed with 2 items (boots + cape or weapon). 

You are level 125. You or your level is not the target of this nerf. Take a level 80 king with the equipment that is available to a level 80 king. And the boosts a level 80 king has on average. Now fight a level 1 Phoebe. And than tell us again that it is a joke in defense. Flare made it clear what the target audience of the change is. And that is not a level 125 player …

I think most players use 2 speed items in war and Ankit of players use 3 speed items in normal raids. 100% speed!


Forget lvl 125. Even at lvl 100-105 will be the same.

As long as you push Phoebe around (like you should against any beast), you have Heal/Shield and a big army of a boosted low morale unit (archers are the best, but paladins, knights, arblasters, pyros, frosters and cannons work well too), you’re good.

If you use Toxic Cloud it’s even easier.


Nerfing Phoebe is a bad move if you’re trying to balance the game.

A much better BALANCE option would be to make boosts cheaper for lower lvl alliances (even for higher lvl alliances too, every alliance not named “Vangard Legion” is hurting right now) and make good boosts available sooner for low lvl alliances (it doesn’t make sense to only get Mad Monk at lvl56 or Tempest Tower at lvl57).



ps: I was lvl115 when Phoebe first showed up in defense. I couldn’t kill it half the time it’d take me 30 seconds. I was using Monk+Ogre+Wolf at the time. I dreaded facing Phoebe, I thought it was OP.

Switched out Monk for knights (then archers then paladins/pyros) and Phoebe became a joke.

King level has much much less to do with this than army composition. They’re not even in the same magnitude.

I was doing some tests ? you can still effectively push Celestial Phoebe even with only 33,3% movement speed, that’s 1 items for me and the slowest I can be at the moment.

Also notice, the things shown in the video are only for emphasis on how easily we can kill the beast when we are using the right stuff against it, even if I’m using a stun pal + stun spell that do nothing against the beast.
“It’s hard to deal with Celestial Phoebe”,  it’s not when we use one of the right counters;
“What would be a good counter?”, Pro-Archers are one of them;
“How effective can they be against the beast?”, all it takes is 3 shots, and good-bye Celestial Phoebe.

In a normal raid you won’t have 1 unit alone against the beast, you will have an army!
And when Pro-Paladins and/or Pro-Archers are boosted by Wolf howl they can kill Celestial Phoebe even if the beast stays still draining all it’s healing effect, even the beast gets boosted by enemy’s Wolf howl and start dropping heals nonstop!

The big problem here is, it’s important to understand that the target of this nerf will not be the only ones affected by the nerf.
If Vanguard Legion, which is probably the strongest/richest alliance in the game, have Celestial Phoebe on level 4 only (!), how many alliances will have it on level 3 or above and not be affected by the nerf on lvl 1 and 2?
I’m currently on a top ~50 alliance and they don’t even have Phoebe beast yet, still missing 4 donations just to unlock it! ?

Luckily we have Phoebe level 1 and Howl level 6. I still would take the level 1 Phoebe every time over a level 6 Howl. For me at least Howl is easy to beat. That’s how things differ. I guess it simply depends on playstyle, available items and spells you prefer.

And again I think that the target of this nerf is not any high level / top player. We just should not see it through our own eyes. We should try to walk in the shoes of those lower level players that face Phoebe on defense. I guess Flare has enough data that they have identified it as a problem. In war currently we have two alliances as opponents that have Phoebe unlocked. I asked the players level < 100 in my alliance which beast they faced when they attacked players from these alliances: 100% Phoebe. That is the problem. And they already say it is boring to always face just one beast, no variety. Luckily they can beat it as they can train when attacking alliance members.

There is a reason why it is the go-to beast in lower levels.

I think Celestial Phoebe’s power is about just equivalent to a Pro-beast power, honestly, it’s probably even weaker than it should be.
I feel relief when I see defensive Celestial Phoebe instead of Primal Howl ?
It has the Pro status for a reason, and it’s strength must be worth all the effort needed to have it.

We don’t have festivals to easily collect Phoebes, we don’t have events with increased chance to find it, we can’t even just be lucky and find it in chests. And that’s why I think a level 1 Celestial Phoebe being a viable option for a player that have level 6 Primal Howl, doesn’t sound absurd at all. Or even a level 4 Celestial Phoebe vs a level 10 (max lvl) Primal Howl, like it is with Vanguard Legion beasts.

About the target of the nerf, that’s from the official announcement:

But like I said, if the number 1 alliance have the beast on level 4 still. Level 1 or 2 must be over 90% of the Celestial Phoebes in the game, incluiding even a few top alliances, I assume.


Celestial Phoebe is not good because it’s too strong, it’s good because too many players just don’t know how to deal with it yet.

I mean, how can someone still say Celestial Phoebe deserves a nerf after I showed on this topic how ridiculously easy and fast even the strongest ones in the game can be beaten? ?



Here you can see what they have nerfed. This is a level 1 Phoebe of a level 130 player. Gets easily beaten without troops. Yup, looks really OP. Good nerf… ?


There is something wrong with a Phoebe. Today war I was fighting low lv players (3 of 4)with phoebe in defence and I beat her and today I fought last 4/4 player in war with almost no boost in defence (lv 114)and his Base was a joke to me but he has Phoebe in defence and I died. If you think that I will use scroll for revive just to pas’s Phoebe you are wrong.

Cut the Phoebe range becouse it is insane.

I am not only one in alliance chat who is complaining about her.