Ladies and Gentlemen: The Almighty Celestial Phoebe

I will repeat myself. I can’t believe what I saw. Thanks Domikick.

Original phoebe beast (before balance) colored the path yellow with heal puddles. Here I exactly did count none at all. That must be a mistake, 10% reduction is not same as 10% heal puddles in total or even zero like is happening.

The actual strength of phoebe was that he was healing himself all the time, so running back like in this video should not be an option at all. What I would expect is a few heal puddles at least and phoebe getting (full) health back. 

So here I also ask, was this intended or is this a bug? I expect it not to be the intended change. 

Before the balance I could push phoebe towards my troops and the road was full with heal puddles. 

I stand to be corrected but the balance on phoebe hasn’t taken place yet.

I assume the healing puddles only happen when it is engaged in battle, like the wolf only howls when it is close to troops.

Are you sure about this? A server update would have been enough.

So question is, where are the heal puddles and what are the conditions of them to appear? So why I always face phoebe with tons of heal puddles, while the beast in Domikick his video  created zero of them.

When Stay0puft is correct, then it’s abnormal. In this video hammerstrike is used, so even after a lot of forges, I would assume that phoebe is activated and summon one. I might be incorrect.

"We are still testing the stats, because we are trying to find the right balance between keeping Phoebe still powerful enough, but at the same time don’t make her the number 1 go-to defense beast for everybody (giving other beasts the opportunity to become an option in the process).

These changes will most likely be put in effect with a live server update on Thursday."


An excerpt from the balance changes by Madlen. Also, the title is “upcoming balance changes”.


All the videos you see are on Phoebes that have yet to be nerfed.

Yup, it has always been that way I think

image.png, unbelievable. I make rookie mistakes.


Heh, if you want to stop the changes, it’s now or never then ?



I still think the 10% will not have dramatic impact. But lately I seem to be suffering from a hammerstrike, considering my answers. 

Just like this  image.png after being hit. So I will leave it up to others now. 

This is correct.

Same thing is true for Howl’s howl. If you keep a “safe distance”, he’ll start and stop it’s animation and never actually casts anything.

It’s not a matter of this nerf being dramatic. It’s not dramatic, it’s a small nerf.


The problem is that it’s a WRONG nerf. That’s the problem.

my 5 ninjas took down half the health of a lvl 2 phoebe beast  in no time and they still crying about phoebe being op …  the problem is not phoebe beast being strong the problem is players being weak and not having phoebe beast in their defenses i’m totally against  this nerf because phoebe beast is not that strong any way i can take it down with a HS SB and my ninjas , if u are crying about her 1 shot killing  ur army use shield then my knights survive the 1 shot thing and can take her down in 10s max again the problem is not the game or the attack defense balance the problem is the players being lazy forging upgrading their spells troops and trying to climb fast if there is smthg wrong in this game then start questioning urself i was totally against  ceres nerf at the start but after a few days i found a new combo and it is totally destroying bases the game is fine if flare leave it being fine and not nerfing the good things in it like phoebe beast because it  is already nerfed big time over and over , and it took us long time to unleash it again the problem is players being lazy and trying to be strong fast … instead of complaining maybe you should try different combos if u want to test phoebe and find a way of killing it friend someone who have it and test his base and u will find out it is not that hard of a beast to kill just lazy people ruining the fun of the game  if the beast the almighty beast is being killed very fast then what is the point of working hard to unlock it and what is the point of having it ??? just stop this nerfing 

Y E S.

Celestial Phoebe is safe! …for now.

I am sure, very safe ? I hope everything is great because I have some worries.

Phoebe beast is, indeed, a little strong. Much stronger than any other beast I’ve ever faced, in fact. But, just because it’s the best does not mean that it is unbeatable. Sure, it’s hard, but you win by learning, right? Once you figure out what Phoebe dies the quickest from, you can beat it every time (if you play it right, of course)!

Hello dear ?

I like your positive thoughts very much. I now apply a fatalistic approach to these issues. I think phoebe is great. Everyone is constantly talking negative.

negative thinkers, if you can do better, do better. ?

Really, it works. A level 2 celestial phoebe can be killed only with archers without losing any health of hero.

Only you would know what the level of the beast you killed was. You probably killed Phoebe and then jumped into that alliance just to check what it’s level was, and then jumped back out. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised

Testing out my own defense. lol.