Laggs suddenly

Hi all, as the tittle says my game just crashed 2 times because it lagged so much. I just happened now when i tried to open it. I have iphone 6 and don’t know if anyone else had this issue?

I think it almost certainly has to do with apple throttling the old phones to make you buy a new iphone 8.

And yes, i have the same issue. Almost unplayable.

Ipad is fine, Crapdous 10 is fine too. Dont buy new Iphones, they are old gen, wait for 9:)

hah I need iphone for my job, but why not play games when you have it :D. It collapsed today few times, when you get msg on messenger or anything like that then goes down. But still great game :slight_smile:

I also own an iOS device … but I have upgraded it to iOS 11.2.5beta so my game also lags a bit sometimes pause for a while but it doesn’t crashes as eailer it use too…

11.2.5 hmm really, im on 11.2.1 and no update for it. Don’t really know why laggs so much, it becomes a little anyoing. iOS really slowing down their iphones 

Yes “11.2.5 “… I have developer account so I get beta updates before it’s been released to public …

Have you tried force-shutting down background apps? Crashes on IOS devices in 86% cases are due to ARC messing up and the app running out of RAM, thus IOS simply shuts it down or slows the process to the point where it can operate. Usually this helps a bit, as well as disabling any background apps, such as twitter or facebook checking for notifications etc.

hmmm i kill all the apps before I start it. One of the issues i found is orientation. Amazing that xcode’s ARC is messing up that way, there must other solution in code to resolve ti :S

Hi @handbaler,

Well if you any windows device just link your Olympus rising account to that device.In my case I transferred my account from my Android phone to windows phone as it was crashing a lot.Now the game is not crashing anymore.I hope it will help you in solving your issue.