Lake for pearl diver kids



So seeing that the new update requires millions of pearls for upgrading troops, towers and spells I have suggestion for a new “building” type.


Since all the grown ups are fighting and defending/conquering the kids should do something useful also!

So lets inroduce a small lake outside the castle, maybe 1 on each side of the castle near the farms. In this lake we can have the children dive for pearls! and it should work like taverns, upgrading the lake allows more kids to dive thus increasing the pearls per hour.


And since farms and taverns are getting a way to boost its production the lakes should also.

Maybe like : Pay 100 gems to bribe the castle guards to not give the kids bread until they have gathered x amount of pearls like a boost.


Hope we can have something like this :wink:




I’m with you on this one, Macamus 2.0, except for the part of wasting 100 gems. This will be the third time I’ll say it, WE HAVE NO WAY TO EARN SO MANY PEARLS. Flares thinks we are all drowning on pearls and wishing to waste them, but the truth is that pearls disappear magicly when you actually use the blacksmith, in just one try of that Russian Roulette you can waste 60 pearls, come on, it can take me even two weeks to recover them. Melting is no option, it devaluates items a lot, it can even give only 20 pearls for a level 107 gear (I just checked my account). So we really need a way to earn enough pearls to have a good ratio of spending/earning. Spending gems is not a good idea either as the 1 pearl per 5 gems is still low IMO. By the way, the amount of pearls you can find in CoF is pure rubbish too.

Yeah most of time having maxed Treasure Chamber (12M gold collected), you’ll find 1 pearl in the first chest, then if you are lucky to open the next, the second chest will give you 2-3 pearls, then if you are lucky again you’ll get 13-15 pearls…and compared to what i have to spend to the blacksmith is a joke 

And since second and third chests are not so common, rare i’d say, and assuming i get open always first chest (1 pearl) what i can do with 1 pearl? Oh come on…ridiculus

Pearls in CoF should be 10x or 20x minimum…

This sounds like a child labour violation lol

Yeah upgrading a item from uber 9 to 10 could cost you 30x winning 3 chests with all pearls in cof lol…

I think we will still enjoy as it comes in our alliance. There is no hard rule that you climb the ladder too fast. Slowly and surely, if we like the game we stick to it. When too many players leave the game, Flare will come out with another update to attract the players. We will then cash in. So, for now, sit tight, and do what you like the most “Play the game as it comes”