Land of Misfit Toys - ***New Alliance (Lv6)*** - English - Lv25+ Hero

Since us newer players don’t meet the requirements to join any of the more powerful alliances in the game I have decided to create a place where we can all come together and learn the ins and outs of this game. I’m looking to build a solid alliance of loyal and active payers.

Rules and requirements are simple:

  1. Be active.
  2. Donate often
  3. Level your alliance tower as soon and as often as possible to make the biggest donations.

That’s it. There are no other requirements other than Lv25+ hero which is enough to prove that you have a basic understanding of the game.

As for my own experience though I am new to Royal Revolt 2, I am not new to games of this genre. I have been playing some of the other top games for a while now and have held leadership positions within their version of an alliance system with some of the games best players. I know what it take to build and motivate a good group of people though these kinds of games from the lowest levels up into the highest levels. But first I need a loyal core of players to build around. Come and join Land of Misfit Toys today and together we can form a formidable alliance to climb the leader board.