Landscapes: Bonus stats

It’s quite a common thing in games that the landscapes will give bonus stats for certain things. What about adding that to RR2?

Turn the landscapes into something important, with gameplay changing effects!
Then we’d have to choose the best one for a good and strategic reason instead of just: “use the darker ones because they make it harder for people playing on a mobile device in a bright environment”

Defenses are surely too weak at the moment, and I believe that could help a lot. 
So, make landscapes powerful and actually significant to the gameplay!

This would indeed be interesting, but something doesn’t seem right to me. Not sure what it is though lol. These ideas always have the possibility of becoming OP, but if they are executed correctly, it could add more strategy to the game. Which landscape to pick? :slight_smile:

I do have some ideas for the effects of some landscapes. The snowy landscapes (Christmas and Northland) would have a slowdown aura, dark landscapes (Halloween and Lava place :lol:) would give defensive troops a slight buff in health and damage. Tons of different combo possibilities here!

I had a lot of ideas for this too, but wanted to keep the first post about the main concept: Landscapes with bonus effects for the gameplay.

And also suspected some of my ideas could be scary for some players,
since there are still people complainning that the game is too hard, even after the Royal Guardians being added  :mellow:

probably a smart decision lol

Probably will be rejected like the idea we had in the past with Special effect on landscape in 2017. The idea was each landscape offer different boost and effect. Like Winter landscape make your units -20% more slow because they have cold. So to counter it player must use speed perk. If you use Burning Rock your units will burn during all the raid and suffer fire damage and burn because of the heat of the volcano. Like 10 HP per second. If you want to counter you must bring Heal Spell or Monk or both

this idea was to make the game more fun and allow us to use different combo and spells to counter each negative effect of each landscape. Make the raid more interesting. This idea was ignored and rejected 

So landscape bonus stats will suffer the same fate. Sorry

I don’t know, maybe it’s more complicated than it seems,
and because of that, they just didn’t have the time to add such feature yet or didn’t make it a priority

A lot of requested features takes a long time to be implemented

At least now, with the new forum management, we’ll know if the idea was rejected, ignored or just forgotten
Let’s see is this topic goes to Interesting Ideas or Non-feasible Ideas ?