Landscapes with special effects


How would you find it, if Landscapes has different skills? It’s realy nice to change the Landscapes, but i think we havent got a advantage from the landscapes and that isn’t nice. We useing Gems to buy Landscapes and didn’t get advantages or disadvantages.


I think we must change this… All Landscapes must get one or more skills by advantages and disadvantages. For example: snow landscape - Advantage: Froster and snowtower get more damage and all players they attack the base was slower (because a “blizzard” for example). Disadvantage: farms production was reduced 10% and pyros damage was reduced.

How i sayed… It’s a example. And of course, the landscape must be active to get the skills from them. If we do this update, then we have a lot of different combinations by a raid and by a Basedefense. And it gaves a lot of Landscape to protect your Base or by a raid. But i think, if this update comming out, that we CANT CHANGE the landscape every minute! I think a cooldown from 1 day (example) to change the landscape is acceptable.



This has been suggested already (I guess by Maerique) and indeed adding effects to landscapes would be cool.

Thanks for the shout out @Karman!


oh yeah!!! again a wonderful and absolutely a fantastic idea but again flush in the toilet like the others. people lose more time to create new topic in this section I guess 

Damn it Flare!