i really like the idea of the different landscape’s, it give’s a nice variaty of different theme’s to your castle.

what i think would be really cool is if your units also change with the landscape u have equiped, like the “cemetery” every unit will look like a skeleton version of their normal selfs,

or the “x-mas” giving the ogre a santa head and a beard.


i understand that this is not something that can/will be implamented on a whim, i just wanted to share this idea that was on my mind. maby it has bin said before and got shot down, i dont know. anyway thanks for reading!

I like how this sounds. Just would need some work to make sure units are still recognized from each other when they’re all dressed like Santa 

offcourse :stuck_out_tongue:  the orge could be santa(ish), the werewolf could be a reindeer, the soldiers could be those little gnome thingy’s santa has tons off. quite some options i guess.