In your opinion what is the best landscape? im looking to buy one but you dont have the option to test it out first so im looking for thoughts from people who have bought them.

Basically, landscapes are meant to have no effect on your base except changing the looks… so the “best” one would be the one that you think looks the most beautiful. During your own raids you probably have seen most/all of them already, so you should have a good-enough impression together with each landscape’s preview icon. 


Though, some landscapes can indeed slightly influence raiding, through either large obstacles (e.g. trees on highland meadows, rock pillars on golden desert) that temporarily block the player’s view on some part of the path, or general darkness (e.g. on burning rocks and graveyard) that can affect a raider with low screen brightness within a bright light real life surrounding. 


For more information, take a look at the wiki article:

We can say that the main landscaped to make little difficult the raider life are  Burning Rocks that can camouflage the towers sometimes ! And the second landcsape can be against the computer users so light landscapes like Northland and Merry Christmas landscape because they can hide the customize mouse of the game so make difficult directing the king character and maybe lose time. ! So Landscapes aren’t only an aesthetic things but also a real tactic !

Haha, I hadn’t thought about hiding the mouse! xD

I always use Burning Rocks and then put a Gargoyle tower next to my gate. No one ever sees it [:


Graveyard plays tricks on the eyes. Makes identifying units and towers much harder. It is hard to find bombs, too. I used to use Burning Rocks until I tried Graveyard, much better.

Use a dark landscape, it blinds players who are using bad device.