Large faction of different ranks for efficiency & power

My name is Azraelnezharoth & i am the leader of the darkblood knights, i wish to present an idea to the forum seeking interest.

I am interested in creating a large faction of many alliances of different rank

  1. Lower alliances r used as training/recruiting camps for higher alliances

  2. Networking to change the face of the game

  3. No more micromanaging ur own training camp

  4. A spotter from higher alliance in ur alliance (basically a recruiter)

  5. To become the new power faction in the game

6 all teams benefit as they r receiving tried & tested recruits or with the lower alliances they will have a open path for progression of team/members

  1. Making use of the high turnover while trialling recruits, increasing effectiveness & efficiency of recruitment.

What do you think?

I noticed a lot of high lvl alliances micromanage their own training camp with a 2nd character which takes up valuable time etc. United we can do the same thing more efficiently while creating a large powerbase for a extremely well networked faction spread throughout the entire leaderboard

A spotter would also need general status to invite/kick as required while trialing


If your teams speak English as well lets connect, add me ingame or we can make arrangements in the forum.

No, just example for you.


You are walking right direction.


But you need something that will unite all your alliances and players - idea!


For example:

We have alliances top~12 and top50.

If someone becomes too weak for top12, we tell him to go top50. But with low morale he’d better go to any alliance in top10-top20. Why top50? With low motivation he just exits our group.

At the moment I am in talks with multiple alliances between rank 100 & 1000 for a almost complete chain from group to group. There is not enough friend space ingame so I have brought it to the forum. In this way any hard working player can be provided with a path for progression while strengthening other alliances in the faction

Eventually I wish to be networked with multiple teams at all levels of the game including a team or two in the top ten, a dozen teams in top 200 etc

You will need alliances in the top 100 to make your idea work…

Everyone does this but you will want to focus on getting 1 alliance strong enough for the top 100 then focus on getting the next up there.



One of the best percs of doing this is using the highest ranked alliance to feed new recruits to your smaller alliances.

The perk with mine is it will be in reverse, troops moving up chain. We also will have a few relaxed teams for members to go to when they aren’t playing so hard. Starting to talk now with two in top 100 but looking for alliances higher & lower.

I’m not talking small factions like what r currently in the game, I’m talking 100 or more alliances eventually right through the leaderboard chain

Plus as we provide better members through the chain we will connect with at least one team in the top ten. There will be no need to build a team into the top ten if a faction this strong puts it support behind a current top ten candidate, basically I’m applying political & military strategies to the game to create a huge faction with NO leadership but a fully networked communication system as no leadership will be required in this faction. Everyone works together for a common goal

Good players will run away continously to higher alliances!



The food chain in the game already exists.

Always all players aspire to a higher alliance. And for strong players strong alliances hunt.

So you will not achieve anything.

In any case, people will flee to where they had better, but not necessarily in your faction.

This is very true… People from top 100 alliances are always trying to get into top 50. The top 50 wants to get into the top 20-15.


You are better off building a core of players before trying to start a faction. Maybe ally with 1 top 100 alliance and see how it goes.

Alliances in the top do not need a friendship with you. They simply summon to themselves your players who they like, and they will leave.

I repeat, without ideas and motivation nothing would come!

Our top alliance (РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ) exists from the first day. We all united by Russian language.


I can not imagine an idea that can unite your faction.

If not interested feel free to find another discussion as I’m only looking for people who think similar to bring to the cause & understand what I’m talking about. If u wish to waste time on the recruiting process do it your way. I am offering my alliance & finding many alliances ingame who r interested, thank you for your advice but I am fully aware of what I am doing. Old kings who don’t go with the times fall, this new update gave way to this possibility on a huge scale of 100’s or 1000’s of alliances wiping the top ten out of there through brute force. The quick communication/friend system has made this feasible whereas b4 update it was a slow dinosaur system

The ideal is a quick path of progression with efficiency for alliances, you old kings are more used to the original game not what it has evolved into recently. With the right imagination we have a world war happening with no axis or allies righ now. Just small clans banded together, the quick communication network means we can make a superpower alliance now where it could not have existed b4.

Also the points u r pointing out are the psychology I am basing this on, every1 wants to be better. Even the top ten, if one of them had a quicker supply chain of 100’s of 1000’s recruits who had already been tested to their liking it gives them the edge as they are continually evolving & no method of combat will work on them continually. Psychology + politics + military strategies, this is already a tried & tested method in reality which I am applying to this game model ; )

dreamerhundreds of alliances need hundreds intelligent all this game is not even fifty normal stable leaders with whom you can decide something for a long time


While each of them would not even be the leader of a stable alliance, but only as an intermediary!