Last 2-3 days problem with connection

Several russian players (me too) cannot connect, or have lags 5-10 seconds after every action, often disconnections

I suspect that this is somehow connected with the pro-league (that now sending a full battle log to servers?), because while the pro-league did not work, everything was in order.

Moreover, the last day of the last league saw such a screen for the first time, it was not there before.
Right in the middle of the battle many times reported that the connection is lost, and stopped the fight (it was only in the pro league!)

Such a screen hung for half a minute, and even for a minute. Fortunately, each time the battle continued.

Do you play on Windows and recently upgraded to Creators version of Windows 10? There you go, the freeze I mentioned earlier.

Flare is asking for geolocation and calls it inside their code. In newest release of Windows this is no longer allowed. A freeze is the result of this. First RR2 stops including sound for a split second, then, while Windows is creating a dump file, the game totally stops for 30-60 seconds. When you wait, the game continues. 

5-10 minutes after connection I have this freeze. So my remedy is to wait for the freeze, before I do a raid. 

Strange thing is that everything else in Windows still works, except RR2. Connection loss I don’t suffer (Fortunately). Only thing that I notice is, that whenever the screen for whatever reason during a pro raid is interrupted, the hero doesn’t move any longer and spells and troops can’t be summoned. That’s horrible when you are in the middle of a raid. We lose valuable time to redo such a raid. Enough evidence is already handed over, but still no fix :slightly_frowning_face: .

I also updated Windows 10 and froze! At what I can not return back to the previous version

It is WP usual version

It’s indeed very annoying that we need to wait 5-10 minutes before we can raid. It’s risky to do when freeze didn’t occur yet, since it can lead to a crash. How hard can it be to solve this bug? Just locate where inside the code is asked for geolocation and comment out that piece of code,

I just lost 62 trophies because the game froze on me during battle and exited me out of the game. Windows 10.

Below shot. Not paused. Frozen.

Please, fix. Thanks! ?

this happens quite often with me, although, I never completely disconnect. Only time that happens is when it is raining or just a bad wifi day lol. But, I will get 2-3 second glitches

@mss73 by looking at your picture it look like your game’s graphic is way off. Why is that?

same here… keeps freezer and unfreezing… 

Something just happened to me , closed the game to google translate and came back and now cannot connect to server?