Last chance: the argonauts

originally i wanted to suggest a kind of PRO vs CASual player league system / wars with CAS embedded in the PRO maps and PRO alliances with fixed places and numbers (maybe just one) possible in the league system (still titan,god,demigod,…) and devided into 4 sections (america, russia, europe and asia) and rotating starting time scedule where PRO players can move up/down on a different basis (e.g. on a performance score - a number reflecting activity and success in offence and defence somehow as a suggestion which players should move upwards or downwards for the generals of PRO alliances but also for recruitung CAS players) as CAS alliances do (which are still moving up/down like we are used to). and ofc the embedded islands between PRO and COS are kind of anonymised to prevent manipulations again and with more than just random matchmaking for PRO allies. in addition the fight between PRO and CAS could be just normal (as they are embedded somewhere among the islands making also a kind of changing figthing path and maybe can only be started by CAS. so as long CAS start not fight at PRO islands these are kind of blocked islands between the PRO map) or it could be what i want to suggest here:

the argonauts mode: (edit: please forget the stuff above now)
if an alliance on a map falls below a min number of islands they get a last chance to survive. their 6 or 12 best performing players (which are nominated in advance before the war starts so they know about it and can/have to save fury for their mission if it becomes obvious that your alliance falls below the min islands) can set sails on the ARGO and become argonauts. with the next possible start of a fight they can chosse e.g. any island of any oponent on the map and get a chance to conquer it. this can be done by different ways and can be discussed: one of it they have to fight against 6 or 12 best performing defenders (which also have to be declared from each general before the war starts) either the normal way we fight (maybe with one additional fury point seperated from the others or those players just get one fury point in addition or … ) or maybe each argonaut player (not the defenders) get a fixed number of attacks in additions and they have to conquer islands of the defenders - with a given number of 100% raids to be achieved. if the argonauts are successful then this island is (after the normal attack time) conquered and maybe the alliance can have a new start. in addition attacking from an conquered island by argonauts may have an additional defense bonus when the other alliance who has lost this island strikes back or the argonauts may also set sails again…
in this way maybe gang attacks may be less or below a certain number be avoided as islands are maybe easier conquered by argonauts then the normal way. like in the game “nine men’s morris”


Thanks for the idea. I don’t think this exact idea is something we can easily add to the game without a lot of time and work, but the points and ideas brought up within your idea, such as this “last ditch fight”, or the idea that an Alliance can still participate after being wiped out, are interesting ones which we will include in our discussions.


thx, maybe a quick/easy change (also for the problem of opening bases to gather enhancement boni and torches by torch bonus on the intrusion map) would be to make the 5skull „infinity skull“ ones: whatever alliances do, they will never reach the 1 VP needed to conquer this kind of island (but also keep VP rewards for each attack low for the player itself), even if the defender does not do anything. and therefore enhancement bonus will also be low and an attack of such an island is nothing good for.

by this you would have on the intrusion map your „one way direction“ you like to have, and weak alliances always have a home base (on every map) from where they can launch attacks and fight for chests if everything else is just hopeless (on normal maps it is assumed that they will not conquer the connecting 4skull islands back). one exception: on the 3 alliances map layout they can get trapped on their homebase if the only connecting island is blocked due to a fight of the other 2 teams, which can be done on purpose (this is also a sad thing…).
in addition on the intrusion map if a very strong alliance is facing a very weak one: as said they just cant do it from the other direction (right now after the initial hard one it gets easier with each island instead of getting harder)

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