last dungeon waay too hard

k this is crap. im level 91 and stil cant beat last dungeon. i watch videos and what i see is that all videos i watch have no boosted mymmy in last dungeon , when i enter dungeon mumys are boosted ???

without boosted mumy it was already hard now with boosted its imposible . what is the use of making a game you cant win ?? high level players already did all dungeon in the beginning . so the weaker players are just screwed cause they never wil get the mumy level 4 if they didnt finish it already ??

i been there few times used scrolls atc with boosted units m and stil no luck , the game is getting so unfair,

It can be done with no scrolls. At level 91, you should be able to beat it with minimal scrolling. Maybe watch some videos of the most recent generally accepted raiding style, I think you will find it effective enough to beat the last dungeon.


Good Luck!

i watched vids. but in all vids the mummy is not boosted. when i enter dungeon i go up against fully boosted mummies

Hi Harry,


Here is an idea on how to do it. it’s not pretty but it works.


Prep work:

  1. Equip damage dealing spells (sword rain, sonic, blizzard) only no heal/shield

  2. Use the troops you like but include cannons for gate.

  3. Equip weak armor (the goal is to die a lot)


The raid:

  1. Start

  2. Time warp

  3. Run forward a bit to center your next step

  4. Armageddon

  5. Run forward

  6. Die (to reset spells and scrolls)

  7. go to #1 until you finish the level


So the goal is to move forward as quickly as you can to clear the map with Armageddon and use you damage spells to clean up.

Remember to die quickly to reset spells but mostly scrolls.


You should be able to do it with 2 cycle or 3 maximum.

Like I said it is not pretty but it works - no special skills required.


Hope this help




Knight Gallant

p.s. Question for you (and others perhaps) given that we want our mummies to die quickly while raiding, is there an advantage to getting lvl4?

       Do you get more/better knights when they die?


It’s good have a better mummy so it can resist more (since each level give it more health) allow to other waves to come in time otherwise you could kill it very fast than normal giving only time to the opponent king the chance to win always in your base 

I did for the second time the video of crypt of the living dead iv, i did practically totally the opposite of what knight gallant said   :wink:

My video is more save-your-gems/pearls method ^^ and fight-like-crazy:

Thanks for your video. I forgot to fight this way in dungeons. Also don’t forget to include your king statistics(leadership, spell levels) in your videos :slight_smile:

Btw you have used the level4 mummy to beat level4 mummy :grinning:

Could somebody maybe post a victorious raid against the Werewolf lvl 3 dungeon? I haven’t been able to make any progress on it and would like to know what the optimal strategy is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hundreds of Froster? o.0 I can barely summon hundreds of knights v_v

Oh, and Mummy Lv.4 is good for defense! A max SB can kill Lv.3 Mummy + its knights ):

Do you think I will need max sonic blast before going into the last 4 dungeons? Mine is going from level 5 to level 6. Apparently I can’t kill a max bomb tower with mine right now, even unboosted. 

My Kings is lvl 72 with 9,500hp with my sonic blast at lvl 2

Btw, as wolves are weak to ice, using the blizzard spell can also be helpful as alternative to frosters. Maybe also boosted arblasters (also dealing ice damage and slowing effect). 


What I like about the dungeons is that, as GodsHellishKingdom mentioned, they’re all having different layouts and troop combinations, so it is important to find the weak spots and appropriate counter units / spells / strategies for each dungeon. High lvl gameplay currently lacks versatility - there’s some standard layouts and combos, and they’re mostly the same for everyone. For dungeons, you have to change and adapt to each mission. 



Btw, I remember I have beaten mummy IV shortly before alliance wars were introduced (no boosted mummies in the dungeon then, but already other boosts (bomb tower, paladin, …) but also no boosted mummies for me on attacking it) on my first attempt on it ever, with about 20 seconds rest time, without any scrolls or resurrections. Since then, only the mummy boost was added to the dungeon, layout and troop composition of the dungeon stayed the same. As in the meantime, my spells and troops also got stronger than they were then, I probably can still beat it scroll free… so I support the statement made by others here, hard but not impossible. (Btw all those complaining that the last dungeons are harder now than they were on initial release of the dungeons - keep in mind that the max lvls for troops and spells also increased over time, and that by now many alliances have boosts active, either permanently or at least temporarily.)

Also, this is the hardest dungeon in the game - the champion of champions of all dungeon missions, so to say. I rarely ever use a single scroll, but for the final dungeon mission I would have been willing to use a scroll if necessary, and I wouldn’t have been mad or sad because the reward is worth using a scroll or two - remember, unlike regular raiding, these missions only must be won once, and you can always choose to wait and strengthen yourself before trying them. :grinning:


Anyway, most important, here some info that might be helpful: On my successfull attempt, I used troops (all boosted) archer, knight, cannon, spells sonic blast, blizzard, and either max heal or shield about lvl 9 (don’t remember which one, but was around the time where I switched from heal to shield). 


Raiding strategy wise, I summoned some troops to fight off initial wave, and tried to get past the first blockade as quickly as possible with my king, after throwing back the first long-range-bomber bombs and slowing down the chokepoint towers and hostile troops with a blizzard. Then I destroyed blockades 2 and 3, and damaged + slowed the surrounding skull towers with a single blizzard cast, and used a sonic blast to finish off the towers - mighty 4-skull-tower-cluster fell very easily that way, while my troops destroyed the hostile waves a bit behind, outside the skull tower range. Then, I used the hero scream to draw a bunch of troops past the initial chokepoint to follow me closely on the rest of the raid. When you manage to get enough troops with you after that chokepoint, the rest of the base is basically a linear path without path overlap, where you can push forward relatively easily (compared to many high lvl player bases). The high amount of towers in this dungeon isn’t too bad, because with strong spells you can exploit clustered placement to deal more damage. As the dungeon has blockades (compared to boosted barricades for most high lvl players), the obstacles on your way are easy to overcome. 

From a “blizzard perspective”, this base is almost a perfect “victim”: Skull towers, blockades, many clustered structures, gargoyles, pyromancers, paladins (already slow without slow effect, nearly still-standing once slowed), knight groups, all are very good targets for the blizzard spell. 



Watching oPelle’s great video again, I am pretty sure I used my first blizzard to take out the initial blockade, damage the first skull tower and also slow down the across path overlap towers (most importantly the bomb towers) and troops. 

For the following cluster of 4 skull towers and 2 blockades, I’m actually unsure now whether I hit the first blockade and first 2 skull towers, and then (only receiving part of the damage) the 2nd blockade and second 2 skull towers with a sonic, and then finished it off with a blizzard, or cast blizzard first (killing 2 blockades and damaging first 2 skulls) and then used sonic blast to kill the second 2 skulls and finish off the first 2… either way, 2 spells – 2 blockades and 4 skulls gone very quickly, without any problems or danger for subsequent troops. 

Having a good start is generally important for a successful raid, and IMHO in this dungeon mission, the layout makes it that the beginning is especially decisive for your overall performance, so if you have a decent lvl blizzard spell, these hints may help you have a decent start. 


Fighting against boosted mummies (no matter whether inside this dungeon or against other players), needs some practice, or you will waste a lot of spells. Practice your timing on your own base, alliance members or friends.

Try not to kill the first mummy’s spawned knights before the last mummy of the same wave has been killed by your king or troops, so that you can kill/badly injure all spawned knights together with all other hostile troops in range with only 1 spell. 


If you plan to use scrolls, or at least take it into consideration, think ahead of the raid where you could activate a certain scroll for greatest efficiency, because during the attack you will most probably not have the time to think about that. E.g. a time warp or battly cry can help you get a large army past a choke point with minimal damage or casualties, but when you have no army then even 5 battle cries won’t help you, and a time warp might be similarly useless. Similarly, when you have no hostile structures nearby, those scrolls might be wasted as your troops don’t have much of an advantage in that case. 

Avoid “panic scrolling”: Wildly pushing when you notice you run out of time, or are in danger of dying, will most probably lead to a waste of scrolls. 


Poison shield gear (if available) will probably be more helpful in this base than fire shield gear as the snake towers and mummies are way more dangerous in this base than the firebolt towers and pyromancers are. 


Keep in mind that this base is easier than many high lvl (let alone top lvl) bases, so most high lvl players shouldn’t have bigger problems here than against other players. Players without an alliance with boosts activated, as well as slightly lower lvl players might have trouble here, but the risk of having to scroll has always been the price to pay for trying to beat considerably stronger players’ bases.