Last minute notification AGAIN

Once more in this game we get notification about an event. Some people like me have spent a lot of money in order to play this game and I expect the company who gets these money to at least spend some time to inform us about events in this game. 

On wednesday morning I saw no notification about new event so I decided to forge all my buildings, units and spells (Administrators can check it) and 1-2 hours later I saw a notification about a misterious comunity week. Aftre 24 hours I saw that for the next 6 days of the 9 that the event will last, I will not be able to forge my units, spells and buildings.

This has happen again and again. Here I have some suggestions for you:

  • Decide when the events will start. You have started events on Wednesday, on Thursday and on Sunday. At least thease are the days of the week that I remember. This means that we can not define ourselves a day to wait before we start forging our units. We have to know. This is not a casino game to hope that we will be lucky enough in order to get what you suppose you give to us.
  • Make a plan and publish a list with events and when they will start so that we will be able to schedule our upgrades.

You sell expensive ingame products and we buy them so at least respect the money that we pay for your products.

Events have always started on Thursday after war and Wednesday after Ninja. They did announce 24 hours before it starts via in game. The only exception was during community month where events started on Monday.

actually, the last castle event 2 weeks ago after war started on weds, which i found odd when i saw it, and was hoping that was the start of just standardizing events to start on weds to make things easier / simpler. I was hoping for the same this week, but nope! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha Ha!  The ant in the ant farm thinks the ant farmer is concerned about a misallocation of a grain of sugar.  

Go ahead… hold your breath… I’m sure people are checking the facts right now.