Last-minute recruitment!

I want to go ahead and start recruiting today in order to be ready for tomorrow.

What do you need to know about us?

  1. We have 4 spots open

  2. We appear to be 5k skulls behind one of tomorrow’s competitors. The top players in the competition (range 3k trophies) give about 700 Skulls each. So we theoretically only need 3 more people to be able to beat them, but I want to fill all 4 open slots (plus replace some of the current ones) just to be safe.

  3. NO DONATIONS!!! :wink:

  4. 23% gold boost, out of 23 members. Considering that we have 4 spots still left to fill, I’d say that’s a good number.

  5. We win wars. We came in second last season merely because the other team got a 1 day head start. This time around, we started literally 10 seconds after the option was available, and intend to carry that out. We currently have 2 alliances boxed in, and going to finish one off first thing tomorrow, leaving the other one (the one who’s /slightly/ stronger than us) with no one to attack but us, which means more skulls! (: Just in case. We intend to finish first this time (:

  6. As states, we use boosts. Cannons, Ogres, Barricades, you name it. Activated at different times throughout the day (with exception of Barricade, which is all day) so that all types of strategies can breath, and so that you’re never without.

So if you’re above the 2k trophy range and are active in battles, now’s your chance to get into a relatively elite alliance.

#Edit: Derp. I forgot the name (/).-) The name of the alliance is Angelic

We’re also rank 420 if that’s a credential.