Last Seen feature

There should be an  alliance specific feature in (Members option window) to see what member was online when. Like “Last seen 2 days ago” “5 minutes ago” like that. This will help alliances to keep an eye on their members’ activities. People outside of the guild should not be able to see it. This feature could also be added to those who are friends in game.

Would like to see it :slight_smile:

We’ve been asking for that forever lol

Star Wars: Commander had this feature, it was very helpful for seeing which members to kick or not

Something many of us ask for a externity. Hope one day to see this in the game

For me, I just hope to see the game again lol

Yes please implement this devs. It’s an urgent feature! @PaSte 

i pray to the sun they will do it.

It’s indeed a good feature, but also include the last donation datetime. This way we also know when a player stopped his daily donation. When a player is online and doesn’t donate at all, we can also inform him, this isn’t tolerated.

semi related, but maybe if we could get a donations in last 7 days count, that would help to see who is active, and also help see who is donating regularly.

Also rehashing a previous quality of life suggestion to have the donation cool down slightly less than 24 hours, 23h 30m, or even 23h 50m just so people can donate the same time each day. Guessing it would not be a huge task to change, but would make life easier for many players.

better would be to allow 1 donation per day at any time, but imagine this would be more coding to change.

I think I’m good with 24h if the alternative is 50 lol

Make it reset at 12 like the daily chest. That would be so much easier for everyone.

fixed  : )


Yes it would, but being realistic everything takes time, and flare doesn’t have time to do everything.
And my guess it would be easier to change the duration than to change to reset once per day.

There’s also the subscription to take into account, and also the gem cooldown reduction. Just changing the duration slightly less won’t affect the these much.
But if you reset once a day, what will the gem cost to reduce cool down be? a set amount? length to reset?
You don’t have to worry about these things if you reduce cooldown slightly, minimal work to make it better for most people.