$$--> Last Spots available in KREATOR alliance TOP 200 - PRO-ARCHER 24/7 boost!<--$$

We are now in the TOP TIER of conquest due to great organization during battles!

**We have THE MOST active leaders in the game I’d say. 3 of our leaders are 4700-4900 trophies and our leader is VERY committed and extremely generous. Come and enjoy our Max LEVEL 6 WOLF or LEVEL 8 OGRES! We activate more boosts than most other alliances (see below for list)!!!

Our Alliance Stats

Alliance Name : Kreator

Current Members : 56/57

Gold Bonus : 47%

Alliance Level : 52

Current Rank : #188

Our Elite Boosts ALWAYS active :

-Blazing knight

-Power Archer

-Frost Trap

-Stunning Ogre

-Storm Cannon

-Raging Wolf

-Pro-boost BIG ARCHER!!

Your Requirements to Join:

2,000+ trophies, $100k+ donations, Level 80+ and BE ACTIVE, we have minimums for weekend wars/events which all must hit or you will be booted.

Any questions, please message me in game or on LINE app @ Rocky969

You shouldn’t write 2 posts/topics about your alliance in the same day.

No worries, that was an accident (the last post was carried over from the old forum and outdated), I couldn’t edit the old one. Now I can edit here.

Nice very nice good

Join now before conquest starts up!

A few spots now open after Ninja event!

Bandit is good friend great job Kreator hope to see you in a conquest again soon as we are in top tier as well…GL on your upcoming conquest

Big house cleaning just now…spots open!