Last week of July and "Conquest Mode Part II" isn't even out?

There’s going to be a delay on the release of 4.0? Oo


Why are they releasing this new game mode anyway?

Probably cause it’s their last chance to save the game 

Lacuna, while this is indeed the last full week of July, the end of it doesn’t come until Tuesday, so I believe we’ll be seeing Part II on Friday

They blew that long ago, like 2 years ago…

You do have a point, Flare did say end of July, which would be Monday the 30th, could go live after ninja ends. Also possible dev aren’t releasing last sneak peek until this war is over and launch 4.0 Thursday. Either way, we will only have a short time to see the dev diary before we update. This is a nail biter for many.

the question is too much strange stuffs happen right now. Why flaretara is no more on this forum and why his account his deleted. Why Gala is not much present on the forum since a moment and why there is no conquest Mode Part 2 last Friday July 20th? 

problem at Flare? delayed update without any word? too much silence. I hate silence from a company in this moment. No sign right now who will predict 4.0 will be ready for end of July. I wait more the update in August. Middle of August

Why is there a sudden interest in FlareTara ?

Also, people that work can take vacation. And summer is a great time to do it. Even Gala can have some.

The update will be delayed for sure. They announce end of July, not a precise date. That give you an indication that the “end of July” was merely an estimate. We kept bugging them for a date, they gave us one, an approximate one that is.

Guys you need to enjoy the real life) one day the update will come. Does it matter if it would be end of July or middle of August? Is it really matter ?

so you say update come in middle of August? ??

It is not binary. You can enjoy family, friends, vacation and still be frustrated at Flare. 

Walking and chewing gum at the same time is not a difficult skill. 

Of what year?

To be frustrating about update in the game? Why?

Many reasons! 

  1. We’ve known about this update for 6 MONTHS! 

  2. We haven’t had a real update since January, so this one kinda goes with the first

  3. We haven’t had a bug fix in about 2 to 3 months, and we figure out that it’ll come out with 4.0

So, yeah, we have a right to be frustrated


last week , mean , the last day of the month

For update.

Yeah, which would mean Tuesday the 31st

Actually that is probably the best date to release it. If they do it tomorrow we are going to have one day before PL, ninjas and weekend… and we all know what usually happen… But if they release the path after ninjas and next PL, on Tuesday 31st, they will have more time to solve problems before all the weekend events (¿War, Conquest?) start.

Maybe they will release the last sneak peak this Friday…

And release 4.0 on 31 of July?

It would all still make sense according to their announcements.

Take a chill pill please, August isn’t even here yet  :grinning:

This  seems like healthy approach 

do wait for update myself but no stress ? 

Why are you frustrated about people being frustrated? Why not go enjoy your real life instead of commenting on what people you’ve never met write on an online board?

You are not taking your own advice, so why should anyone else?