Latest crashes

ok i had 5 crashes so far within like 1/2 hour today while yesterday i had zero crashes…

why would it crash all of the sudden? no upgrades to pc nor to game ?

so i lost about 4-5 turns on the war…

i think admin need to look into this seriously…

I play on IOS and get a crash about once a day.  I have not yet found a correlation with any unit I use or opponents units.  Quality of the game is suffering.

Flare Games, any insight into the crashing problems many of us are having?


I think flare should compensate  players who experienced these crashes.


again crash ( two times ), need to improve again !! :slightly_frowning_face:

luck percentage items, bug …

still work in progress… of course… 


My account and my bf’s account are freezing during war battles…the game keeps going but we are unable to spawn troops, use scream or spells. Our hero dies with one or two crowns as we are unable to get to the gate. The battle finishes, screen moves to the next board to show how many skulls, coins, etc (where you see the “continue” button) but we can’t move on to the Chamber of Fortune. Talk about a bust for our alliance as well as our own games! Neither of us can collect any extras because the game is freezing!!! I can’t even get a screen shot of the game because it’s frozen!! 

This “bug” needs to be fixed quick because this is costing players not only food, but spaces in alliances now!!

please don’t necromancer old topic. This was about crash happen in January 2018. there is already topic open for existant crash problem just write there.Thanks

I apologize warriornator, I’m new to the forum and didn’t notice until after I had posted. 

Hello, I have opened a new thread for you @ataylorand @IrishLady911.

This one was from January.

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