Lazy blacksmith??

@Madlen Im melting 582 pearls worth item with all slots unlocked and boosted blacksmith and instead of 38.8 minutes to melt it timer is showing 44 minutes? Why Blacksmith is melting 15% slower than it should? According to the information that can be seen in blacksmith window he should be melting 4 pearls per second when boosted…

I don’t think it’s 4.0 seconds per pearl, it’s actually more like 4.5 seconds per pearl.

That’s why your times don’t match up.

It’s around 4,6s but why we see 4s then when boosted? game isnt showing floating point numbers?

Without boost and max slots unlocked it takes blacksmith 20 seconds to generate a pearl.  so 20sp (20 seconds per pearl)

Now we boost blacksmith, three times faster. 20sp  /3 => 6⅔ sp.

During blacksmith event we get 30% lower meltdown times. So 0.7 * 6⅔sp => 4⅔sp. So yes, actually it’s 4⅔ second per pearl. Or in other words around 771 pearls per hour you can get max.

A trick used by lots of top players is to skip the melt down time, by not adding too many items (in 8 hours blacksmith can create 6171 pearls during blacksmith event) and then pay the gems needed for skipping the cool down. If you can afford it, you can skip those waiting times. I see that an item giving me 2500 pearls (that would need 3.5 hours to convert and is already running for 30 minutes) costs me around 40 gems to skip the remaining time. Let’s round this to 50 gems for gaining 2500 pearls. This means 10k pearls I can get for investing 200 gems. If you have the gems to do so plus the gold, you can get 50k pearls per 1k gems investment. 

So let’s assume gold is not an issue and when gems neither are plus you have enough items to melt. Then you can easily get 200k pearls for an investment of 4k gems (you gain 2k pearls extra by investing those gems during this event). So if you need a lot of pearls, this could be a good time to invest gems.

When you do so, of course make sure blacksmith is boosted and has enough time remaining. So don’t add too many items at once, just remember that you should add a few items (for 2k+ pearl valued items, max add 2 at a time, when you just boosted blacksmith)

Hello  @bigfastfox,

the meltdown-time in your example is indeed ~4,6s (your calculation is correct @Dena4).

The game rounds down to the first decimal number in the info-screen of the blacksmith, in this case to 4s, but this does not affect the actual meltdown time (the issue is purely visual). This will be fixed in a future version of the game.


Thanks. (Moved the thread now to the bug section).

yeah, make 4 seconds for a pearl instead of 4,6 :wink: Community would appreciate it- seriously :slight_smile:


It will most likely be a fix though to show the complete number.

Sorry! :grinning:

There is something wrong for sure. Now i have blacksimth boost on. first item shows 72 pearls income - value is good. But meltdown time i see is 2h 38m ?

But when I cancell melting and put this item again time shows correctly ?

I think that there is another bug when I fill all slots with pro items and total meltdown time is above 8h ‘melt all’ buton shows wrong gem value

Sorry for kind of highjacking, but while you’re at it, would it be possible to have the “complete” number in other situations in the game?

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