Leader-General chat

As a leader i often wish i can address just my generals, without the whole team being involved. The only other option i have, is to to send the same message to each general via friend chat. It can be very annoying. Wondering if its possible that a seperate chat forum can be created between gens and leader? 

Just get your guys to download FB messenger, and then make 2 groups one for generals and other for rest of your team

its a good idea

I have the same problem as King Chrismus and I feel it should be possible using the game, not with another software.

Yes !!! I wanna have ingame leager-geneals chat. Hmm e.g command /g.<text>  and a hidden message on a alliance chat visable only to generals and leader

We need a chat for leaders and generals. You suggest to got to fb. fb is garbage. I know you can do it. You just want the game to be as frustrating as possible. I am in a mid range alliance. I hear this request day in and day out. You say you want to make the game better. I do not believe it. I am considering leaving the game for this reason. You do all kinds of updates for this reason and that reason. Not very many updates are done for the benefit  or request of the players.

Have to agree FB may work for some thou I like FB for family and personal friends not everything.

A new association is needed ‘alliance friend’ and a generals/leader user group. That way generals can discuss stuff, main chat is for everything

And all members can be sent personal messages… its impossible to friend everyone and a lot of times things that may need to be said is best said only to the person.

It forces generals and leaders to say things in chat that may not be nice when openly stated on chat.

I’ve got the same problem :slightly_frowning_face:  

Having a private discussion only with the generals is impossible on the game, we are forced to use an external app; Would love to be able to talk only with generals, please take time to develop this Flare

It isn’t necessary use an external app btw, you can always send them friend request in game, but a chat between leader and generals has been requested for a long time with no success though.

yeah I know, but it’s only between 2 players. We use this app to have a group chat

It would also be nice to be able to chat to any member that’s in your Alliance without having to friend them.


yes, because as I said, players often “don’t see” my friend requests. But having a system that allows leaders and generals to chat with somebody directly would solve this problem : As we know he has read the message, if no answer, kicked out

One more very good idea who was flush in the toilet like all the others. This feature its more than needed to allow to have a better communication between Leader and General but again we can forget it :slightly_frowning_face:

What the goal to make a section Suggestion and Improvement if no one from Flare read it? No sense