Leader needed for alliance

I am ThomasMaxxReborn, my general Trunnion and I are leaving the game and are looking for a small core group to merge with us and to take over running the alliamce Running with swords. I have a solid group that enjoys playing and I wish that my friends are well taken care of. Please send friend request to Trunnion to discuss. Thank you.

Sad to hear you guys are leaving. I fear that we will see much more of this unless flare can fix the problems, that we are facing right now, before the next Conquest. I’m getting my laptop back tomorrow, perhaps I can join you guys for a bit and help you out for a couple weeks. You know, help out with recruiting. Once the alliance gets back on its feet I’ll go back to my home alliance, Alpha Guard. Wish you guys all the best

Sad to see you leave a team. Isn’t there any of the soldiers who can run this team? 


Don’t be afraid for your group. The way this game is evolving there will be NO alliances left and everybody quits the game, evenso your thight group of players.You and your general will not be the only players that quit. The fun is gone, instead of a fungame it became a Flare goldmine, the fun  for players isn’t nr 1 anymore, money,money ,money is bthe nr1 priority now.

My team is consists of casual players, none are interrested in leadership. My only concern is they are able to stay together.

Believe me, there are enough alliances willing to take care of them. Your topic is a good start. You care for their future, a good quality of a leader. 

Can you summarize some wishlist of your members, what are they looking for in terms of boosts, what donation and so on? It will help other leaders to accept you. A good one would be @Maerique his team I guess. It’s  a friendly team who can use active players if I am correct.

Sorry to hear that you and Trunnion are leaving, ThomasMaxx. The conquest is definitely challenging, but having an alliance that speaks one language is a huge start. we’ve managed to communicate despite the “chat” functions that flare has provided us with, and we don’t have WhatsApp, line or anything like that.  There has been one person on our team who has made it his mission to coordinate and “direct traffic”, and is doing an amazing job.  Sure, there are periods where it’s boring because nobody’s moving around, but the challenge when they are makes it fun.  I have made it MY mission to contact each player and help them understand what they have to do with the conquest.  So far, it’s working out well, despite hilariously time consuming. (8 days, really flare?) Maybe it’s because we have active players from all over the world that can be on at varying times that works out for us.  Give it a chance. Everyone’s going to have an adjustment period to it.  

If your decisions are set in stone, again, I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving.  I do hope someone can take over your team and do them justice!


Thanks for the shout out, @Dena4!  The _ Knight who say Ni _ say thanks!  ?

@ThomasMaxx , the Knights who say Ni sound like a great fit for you!  Our policy is: We will never penalize you for having a life.  Now if it becomes a habit that a player is not participating that’s an issue.  But if someone tries their best and notifies us when they are going to be AWOL we are always fine with that!

You are welcome @Maerique, I read your topic in alliances a while ago, so saw this as a great opportunity to give your nice team a boost.  Hope they will agree. Now I leave it up to you, ladies and gentlemen, Kaboodle is a leader who will take good care of you. 

I don’t feel anyone better than my friend. He have a good experience in leadership and I think, he will never let your alliance down. IGN: FaMon Iza . He is currently a general in Usachan world. I feel that he is best for your alliance. He attacks top players easily. You can contact him ingame.

I don’t think they necessarily need one person, so much as a whole team. That’s why @Maerique’s team would be a good fit. Top 300 alliance that can surely fit some more quality members in their alliance. No offense, though Aditya, Famon is a good player, but I’m not sure that one player is really what Thomas and Trunnion are looking for 

Thanks Dena and Maerique, currently in discussion with the team about what they want to do. Having options makes things easier.

As for KingAdityaKumar, I don’t know if you remember, but you were in our alliance for about 3 minutes just a few months ago. Don’t personally care for jumpers, so I must decline your offer.

Me. Really, three months ago I had my own alliance. ‘Deadline Apocalypse’. So I didn’t need to join any other. Well, there is a player similar to my name as stated by Rocky969. Maybe, he is the same. FaMon Iza is a good player. I saw that most of the players in your alliance are inactive. He can get very active players who will grow your alliance and he knows how to make them participate. He know very good strategies for every level of player. I feel, he is best for you.

If you want to play it that way, whatever. If it was KingAdityaKumar or one of the other Aditya Kumars I have seen in the game, doesn’t matter, your offer still declined.

 @Maerique The team is electing to stay together in Running with swords. Is there anyone from Knights who might want to take leadership role?

<<DarkSword>> might be interested.  I believe he’d be a great leader!

If he is, please have him friend Trunnion for any questions. Thanks

Nooo why are you guys leaving?  Trunion - say it isn’t so!?

Sorry guess he isn’t.

Update. Thomas and I are sticking around for a while longer. A recent change in leader was not the right fit. I wish him the best. The team has chosen to rotate alliance responsibilities to give us a rest. Thanks to everyone.

And hopefully flare can fix that danged conquest so that it is actually playable for the majority of players that have lives.