Leaderboard Scroll-Lock

Apologies if this is long winded, but if I can figure out this trick it would save me a bunch of time when looking for an opponent with more than 80K gold!  How the Global Leaderboard works for me on Windows 8 (not sure about the other platforms):  


Starts you off with your own king at the center with 5 opponents top and bottom.  If you scroll up, you see the top 10.  If you scroll down to the bottom and push the arrow, it scrolls down ten, but starts you off back at the top arrow.  If you press either arrow at least three times, it stops scrolling back to the top.  However, if you press the swords to attack someone and back out, it scrolls you all the way back to the top ten and you have to scroll back down to check the next opponent.  Occasionally, after pressing the up arrow after looking through many opponents, it will hide the top ten, making it so you don’t need to scroll to check the next one down the line. 


For the life of me, I can’t figure out what to do to get this feature to trigger on purpose.  Anyone know how?



Haven’t use leaderboard to search for opponents for about 2months now.Maybe you should try matchmaking system instead ? Its been working really well for me with correct timing of when to raid and when to let the loot reset.

I do use the matchmaking system when I’m in a hurry.  Touch and go for me, sometimes it will match me up decent, sometimes 20 presses later and till not one over 100k.   

You won’t be getting any decent amount of gold if you’re raiding constantly.I raid like every 8-12 hours and able to make up to 4m in 8-9raids using matchmaking.After one session the loot turn into crap (below 100k) and I’ll stop raiding.

I can usually find an opponent with 300-550K if I’m patient, with gold bonus up to 800K.  Just about the only way I can do the big upgrades, even with the three hour gold shield.  I raid when family and work allow!

So I guess you got the idea here.Its about proper planning and being patient because I seriously think its not worth the time to search manually for decent loot.

Isn’t that a bit offtopic here? The question was about navigation on the leaderboard screen.


I personally did search the leaderboard in lower levels, too, (and also remembered people that had a lot of gold regularly) whenever I just needed an especially big amount of loot. This in many cases doubled/trippled my average loot from a full silo+farms. Planning is good and necessary, but a connection lost can cost you a raids worth of gold. If you can’t or don’t want to spend 50 gems for a silo refill, that might throw you back drastically, especially without gold shield - wait 1 hour for another attack while being continuously online, or just go offline and your gold surely won’t be there when you come back in an hour.

So, searching the leaderboards can be quite effective. Recently, average loot from matchmaking seems to have improved (at least for me), but still… when you have to spam click the “new opponent” button, you might lose as much as you gain through a better random opponent.


So, what I have noticed is that the leaderboard initially always displays top10, but unless you touch the screen within a second or two, it will scroll down automatically to your highscore position. Overally, searching the leaderboard for good loot is not the most user-friendly part of the game, so some improvements would not be a bad idea, but I am not sure how many (or few) people actually use that feature?

When I think of possible improvements, these are what comes to my mind: An option to search by position instead of by name, a way of switching directly through the base previews of adjacent players (would also be a nice feature for your favorites list!), having the default start view centered on your own position rather than on the top10 and then scrolling down to your position.

Yes, just a bit off topic, thanks Heroes.  An option to filter by position would be great, to be able to switch through directly would be the best!

Before getting a decent favourites list I used to search leaderboard quite a bit. It is very frustrating and time consuming, and beacause of that I rarely use it now. Saying that, a search by position option would be brilliant to put you in the ranking range you wish to attack, that is something I would use.