Leadership Boots

I found some cursed boots that had a LEADERSHIP bonus. What’s LEADERSHIP and how is it useful? Would I want to wear these boots with the LEADERSHIP bonus?

Leadership is how fast you summon troops. Depends on the hero and setup of said hero.


I wouldn’t advice to scarifice one resistence slot for mere leader’s bonus from a boot unless you were using double resistance rings.

Also heroes like Odysseus, Arinande, Jason and Achilles gets lot of benefits from leadership perk as they can bring lots of troops to the gate.

On the other hand, leadership is one of the most important stats and always better than resistance. Leadership boots are great items!

@HOLYDIVINE, I get why Odysseus, Ariadne and Jason are great with leadership - I don’t get why Achilles is great with leadership. I got leadership boots for PERSUS.

Achilles’s with his unique armor is a good hero and will summon more troops 

I love and use leadership boots on both Ariadne and Cadmus. I found they don’t work as well on ajax. He dies too often without resistance.  I have the unique chest for Achilles which come with leadership.  They are awesome.

Always experiment and see if it suits your play style.