Leadership (Morale) bug

Probably a bug who come with the version 3.8.0? I notice it during Odyssey today when I have fight with Achilles. The blue bar don’t work correctly during a raid and during this raid I have so much trouble to summon troops and must hurry in the gate and spend gems. No its not because of the Nyx. At the start the blue bar is broken. The next raid my bar working perfectly. I test it with Helen of Troy at level 20 right now and my bar its totally broken. So slow, never got problem like this before

@CaptainMorgan if you can check if its a bug and fix it. Thanks 

Hi warriornator,

what you said is true.It happens a lot during or alliance war whenever I summon to many troops like Spear-men to raid they do not appear on radar but do appear on the map after some time.

Yeah I think version 3.8.0 bring so much problem for the game. Will see if 3.9.0 will fix all of them

This is not a bug though. Only a limited amount of troops are displayed on the top bar.