Leadership, Names, Emblems

Looking for confirmation on a few points that others might find interest in:


  1. Can leadership be changed after an Alliance is established?  Believe the answer to this is “yes”; but can someone explain how it is done?


  1. Name changes: this will inevitably come up.  From what I understand, there is no way to change an Alliance name once created; but could a customer service request be submitted for a change (maybe as a 1-time only option)?


  1. Emblems: can be changed…


Thanks from an somewhat in-the-dark iOS user.   :grinning:



I can not change the name of my alliance. I’m using Windows.

Can we confirm if this is should be possible or not?

Question about the promoting.

Is there only an option to promote them as leader?

If so, if one leader decides to take complete control does the original leader still hold more power?

Yes only option to promote as leader and original leader will have no power anymore

I can confirm that it was possible on my Windows Phone and PC too

So the Original Leader can be kicked by another leader that was promoted ?

yes , because he will then be just a soldier with no power over the management of the alliance

I see , But isn’t that sort of dumb ? Why not give other roles like second in command or something similar so that they can have some authority but not all, In the long run i would want to promote and reward members who are consistent in donations and who actually contribute to the alliance with out the worry of someone being a traitor and kicking me out of my own team.

a few people already suggested this and chances are high that it will be added

i didn’t notice that my bad, and yeah hopefully soon.

Yes please make it possible to make other people in your alliance co-leaders. I totally with the other people. One person can’t have all the control it just dosen’t make any sense. One leader could just kick every single player if he wanted to. PLEASE INCLUDE THIS IN YOUR NEXT UPDATED!!! Sooner u can change the better. Im glad im not the only one that feels this way. Also clash of clans has a good promotions system. Thanks for ur time.

hey guys how can i change the name of my alliance in iOS version? i couldn’t as a leader